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Adelaide aims to be carbon-free

16 September 2015 In: Adelaide, South Australia, Technology, General

Adelaide has launched a new plan to become the first carbon neutral city in the world. The government of South Australia has set out a new strategy to de-carbonise its economy and aims to reduce carbon emissions by 60% in coming years. A panel of experts has been appointed to provide advice on climate policy and how to create jobs in clean energy technology and other low-carbon opportunities. The new strategy paper, which will be…

Hobart leads internet roll-out

11 September 2015 In: Hobart, Tasmania, Technology, General

The roll-out of the new National Broadband Network in Hobart, Australia is now 50% complete and the price of broadband has plummeted. As the latest fixed wireless tower was switched on in Neika, it has emerged that the cost of internet access across Australia has fallen dramatically in recent years. The price per GigaBit of data for broadband customers in Australia has fallen from around $30 in 2007 to less than $1 per Gb today,…

Brisbane seeks ‘smart city’ status

18 August 2015 In: Brisbane, Technology, General

Council officials in Brisbane are seeking to create a city-wide network that will monitor and analyse the city’s population and its’ everyday activities. Brisbane City Council wants to join the likes of Barcelona, Toronto and Rio De Janeiro and be a ‘smart city’, with officials able to collect and analyse real time data to improve ‘liveability’. The Council’s new ‘CitySmart’ project aims to transform Brisbane into Australia’s most sustainable city, including plans for a city-wide…

Australia overturns Apple cart

17 August 2015 In: Finance, Technology, General

A Battle of the Giants has broken out down under as major banks seek to prevent Apple launching financial services in Australia. US-owned Apple wants to launch its Apple Pay service in Australia and cash-in on the fast-growing online payments market. But the country’s ‘Big Four’ banks are seeking to stop them, fiercely protecting the $2 billion a year they earn from the market via merchant interchange fees. What started out as a dry corporate…

Workers needed in Australia

16 August 2015 In: Jobs, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Technology, General

Around 4,500 new workers are being sought to help the rollout of the National Broadband Network in Australia. Government officials say the workforce for the National Broadband Network must double in order to speed up the rollout and meet deadlines set for completion in 2020. Now moves are underway to attract skilled communications workers and to train workers new to the industry. Malcolm Turnbull, Communications Minister, told reporters: “We’ve got 1,300 jobs in New South…

Satellite broadband for Australia

15 August 2015 In: Technology, General

A new satellite due to be launched in October will bring hi-speed broadband to over 200,000 homes and businesses in rural Australia. The new satellite, called Sky Muster will launch from the Guiana Space Centre in South America as part of Australia’s National Broadband Network and will be one of the world’s biggest communications satellites. The hi-tech communications facilities carried on board will improve internet speeds in rural and remote areas of Australia that have…

80% ‘green’ energy for Canberra

10 August 2015 In: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Technology, General

Canberra is leading the way in wind farm technology and 80% of the city’s energy will be derived from renewable energy sources within the next three years. Two new giant wind farms will help to power up to 106,000 homes as Canberra continues its plans to become a city powered by renewable energy. Environment Minister Simon Corbell says that when the new 200 megawatts of capacity come online in three years time 80% of Canberra’s…

Australia TV fights for viewers

03 August 2015 In: Technology, Family, Entertainment, General

TV broadcasters in Australia are running to catch up as millions of viewers switch to streaming video services. In the recent past top-rated Aussie TV shows could attract regular audiences of around two million. But new prime-time shows from major TV networks such as Seven and Nine have been a ratings disaster, attracting audiences of just 784,000 over three nights, the lowest audience being a little over 400,000. Viewers are deserting traditional TV in favour…

Planet joy for Sydney scientist

29 July 2015 In: Sydney, Technology, General

A scientist from Sydney is part of a team that has discovered an earth-like planet 1,400 light-years from our own planet. Dr Daniel Huber from the University of Sydney’s School of Physics is part of the team which made the discovery with NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope. The planet, named Kepler-452b, is 60% larger than Earth and orbits a Sun-like star with an orbital period of 385 days. The newly discovered planet is located about 1,400…

‘Green’ energy industry in Australia

27 July 2015 In: Jobs, Technology, General

The government of Australia is being urged to accelerate plans to generate more renewable energy. The national renewable energy target was set-up by the Howard government in 2001 and later expanded by the Rudd government to ensure at least 20% of Australia’s power comes from renewable sources by 2020. Under the Gillard government the $2.5bn Australian Renewable Energy Agency was established, as was the $7bn Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The renewable energy industry in Australia…

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