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Australia youth are ‘doing well’

09 September 2015 In: Health, Family, General

Young people in Australia are getting higher school grades and better jobs while saying ‘no’ to drink and drugs. That’s according to latest official figures that show educational achievement increasing while smoking, ‘binge drinking’ and illegal drug use is decreasing. The number of young people who smoked daily has fallen from 19% in 2001 to 9.1% in 2013, while the number of young people aged 12-17 who who ‘say no’ and abstain from drinking alcohol…

Midwife jobs in Australia

09 September 2015 In: Jobs, Migration, Health, General

More young nurses and midwives will be needed in Australia in coming years to replace an ageing workforce. The majority of nurses and midwives employed in Australian hospitals are aged between 50-54 years and while there has been an influx of younger workers aged under 30, more will be needed over the coming decade. Darrell Todd of thinkingaustralia says: “If you are a skilled qualified nurse or midwife there are opportunities for you in Australia….

$91,000 for Australia nurses

08 September 2015 In: Jobs, Migration, Health, General

The average salary for nurses in public hospitals in Australia is $91,000 a year and is rising by 3.4% every year. Average pay for salaried medical staff, meanwhile, is around $188,000 per year. And Australia is seeking skilled medical professionals – including nurses, doctors, midwives and cardiologists – to cope with the rise in demand from a growing, and ageing, population. Salaries and budgets are rising across the country. Over the past five years, salaries…

$17m hospital training in New South Wales

07 July 2015 In: Canberra, New South Wales, Health, General

The University of Canberra and the Australian National University are to spend $17m on construction of new clinical training facilities at hospitals in southeast New South Wales. The project will provide student accommodation and focus on medical, nursing, midwifery and allied health training. The multi-purpose training facilities will be based at the new Bega hospital and existing Cooma and Moruya hospitals, allowing students to share the classrooms with health professionals. The new facilities will strengthen…

Medicare in Australia

12 June 2015 In: Travel, Health, General

Medicare provides access to medical and hospital services for all Australian residents and certain categories of visitors to Australia. We administer Medicare, including the payment of Medicare benefits on behalf of the Department of Health, which is responsible for developing Medicare policy. Medicare covers: Free or subsidised treatment by health professionals such as doctors, specialists, optometrists and in specific circumstances dentists and other allied health practitioners Free treatment and accommodation as a public Medicare patient…

$8bn for Melbourne old folks

11 June 2015 In: Melbourne, Health, Family, General

Melbourne will need to spend around $8 billion on health care for the aged over the next 15 years to cope with a growing and ageing population. “Official figures forecast that 24 new aged care facilities need to be built in the city every year, which provides a major opportunity for migrants and skilled workers in the construction and healthcare industries,” says Darrell Todd, CEO of thinkingaustralia. There are currently 480 aged care facilities providing…

Private hospitals in Australia

06 June 2015 In: Jobs, Migration, Health, General

There are 612 private hospitals operating in Australia, an increase of 11 from last year. There are four additional Acute and psychiatric hospitals and seven additional Free-standing day hospitals. There are 30,920 beds and chairs available in private hospitals. Acute and psychiatric hospitals account for 27,943 or 90.4% of all beds and chairs, with the remaining 2,977 located in Free-standing day hospital facilities, according to ;latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Private hospitals…

Road deaths fall in Australia

05 June 2015 In: Travel, New Zealand, Health, General

Road deaths in Australia fell from 1,187 to 1,156 last year, according to latest official figures. But while fatalities fell in Australia, the number of road deaths in New Zealand increased 16%. The rise in New Zealand followed a 17% fall in fatalities the previous year. New Zealand’s relatively small size makes even small percentage movements appear more dramatic. The overall trend is positive, towards fewer fatalities. Since the year 2000 there has been a…

Doctors in Australia lead the way

01 June 2015 In: New South Wales, Victoria, Health, Family, General

Doctors in Australia are among the fastest in the world at early diagnosis of cancer. GP’s in Victoria and New South Wales are more likely to immediately refer people with possible cancer for tests or to a specialist than those in comparable countries. Cancer survival is highest in Australia, Canada and Sweden; intermediate in Norway; and lower in Denmark, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. New research – by six countries and including the University of…

Melbourne Uni aids concentration

31 May 2015 In: Study, Melbourne, Health, General

A University of Melbourne study shows that looking at a grassy green roof for only 40 seconds boosts concentration. The study, published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, gave 150 students a boring, attention-sapping task. The students were asked to press a key as a series of numbers repeatedly flashed on a computer screen, unless that number was three. They were given a 40-second break midway through the task to view a city rooftop scene….

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