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Health news

Want to know what’s happening with health in Australia? We’ve got it covered.

We guarantee the most up-to-date new stories about health issues, medical practice and so on, which are written by local and international reporters exclusively for you.

COVID-19 Costs $4bn a Week

05 May 2020 In: Health, Economy, General

COVID-19 emergency is costing Australia $4bn a week as lockdown restrictions and welfare payments hit government finances hard. One million Australians are currently receiving the JobSeeker welfare payment; five million are receiving $1500-a-fortnight JobKeeper payments, and once million are accessing their pension accounts. Ongoing restrictions are costing the nation about $4 billion a week, pushing the government to relax lockdown rules and restart the economy when the cabinet meets this week. Chief Health Officer Brendan…

Australia ‘winning’ virus battle

29 April 2020 In: Jobs, Health, General

Australia is winning the coronavirus battle and has begun to lift restrictions. Since the virus outbreak more than 75 million masks have arrived in Australia, more than 300 public respiratory clinics have opened and 530,000 tests have been conducted. There are 111 Australians in hospital with coronavirus, 43 in intensive care and 27 on ventilators. There were five new cases diagnosed in NSW yesterday, all from known sources. The national death toll is 88. NSW…

Australia Returning to Work

28 April 2020 In: Jobs, Health, Economy, General

Australia is slowly returning to work, school and leisure as restrictions begin to lift across the country. With just 10 new cases of Coronavirus recorded in the past 24 hours schools, beaches and some workplaces are set to return to ‘normal’. Western Australia and Queensland have announced plans to ease their coronavirus restrictions. Western Australians are now allowed to gather in groups of 10 and from this weekend Queenslanders can travel 50km from their home….

Australia Border Closures

26 April 2020 In: Travel, Migration, Health, General

Australia Border Closures: Some states and territories in Australia have closed their borders to non-essential travel due to COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know. Each state or territory has its own entry requirements. The most up-to-date information about entry conditions, forms and requirements is on the government website of the state and territory you are travelling to. ACT Government There are currently no restrictions on cross-border movement between ACT and NSW, beyond those that…

Australia Coronavirus Update

26 April 2020 In: Health, Family, General

Australia Coronavirus Update: Testing for coronavirus is now available to every Australian with mild respiratory symptoms including a cough and sore throat. Job seekers will be exempt from reporting their mutual obligation requirements up to and including 22 May 2020. Restrictions on elective surgery will gradually ease from Tuesday 28 April. Everyone should stay home unless you are: shopping for what you need, receiving medical care, exercising or travelling to work or education. No more than…

Travel to Australia

25 April 2020 In: Travel, Health, Economy, General

Travel to Australia is restricted. The country’s borders are closed. Only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. Australian Border Force liaison officers at overseas airports will work with airlines to identify anyone who should not board a flight to Australia. Quarantine for arrivals All travellers arriving in Australia by air or sea must be isolated in mandatory quarantine accommodation for 14 days from their arrival, with few exceptions. These requirements…

Australia Coronavirus Response

25 April 2020 In: Health, Family, General

Australia Coronavirus response has been more effective than most countries in suppressing the virus pandemic. Fast lockdown reaction, travel restrictions and huge stockpile of Personal Protection Equipment has kept case of the virus, and resulting deaths, among the lowest in the world. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison believe the country’s lockdown could soon be over because Australia is “ahead of where we thought we’d be”. Some restrictions look set to be lifted soon, with a…

Travel to Australia

24 April 2020 In: Travel, Migration, Health, General

Travel to Australia could be halted for at least the next four months, the government says. Planes could be grounded until August in a bid to beat the spread of Coronavirus, according to government plans to create a ‘COVID-safe economy’. Travel bans could be lifted in New Zealand where restrictions look set to be relaxed in three weeks time. Across Australia the national death toll has reached 76 following the death of another elderly resident…

Beware Coronavirus scams

24 April 2020 In: Finance, Health, Economy, General

Coronavirus scams are on the increase and many people have fallen victim. Here’s a guide to latest scams and how to avoid them. Amid the fear and confusion of the current Coronavirus pandemic, scammers are out taking full advantage of scared and vulnerable people. In UK over £800,000 has been lost to Coronavirus scams since February 2020, according to reports made to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. The NCSC has also removed over 2,000 online…

Coronavirus in Australia ‘Turned Back’

22 April 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, Health, General

Coronavirus in Australia has been reversed and the country has turned a corner in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia was “on the road back,” to some kind of normality, with a fall in new cases and a continuing low death rate. The government says that some restrictions are to be lifted and some elective surgeries like IVF will begin again from next week. Now it’s a case…

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