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Work in Australia: Skills Assessment

29 August 2016 In: Jobs

Skills Assessment: If you do not require a Skills Assessment for your visa application you may still be required to undertake a Skills Assessment in order to obtain a licence to work in Australia if your occupation is a licensed occupation (you need to submit the Offshore Technical Skills Record “OTSR” obtained to apply for a provision licence). The occupational skills assessment process is technical and it can be confusing. If it is not completed…

Moving to Australia – Construction Jobs

28 August 2016 In: Jobs

Moving to Australia is a natural step for someone skilled in the building or construction trades. Employment is secure and you could be working in an industry valued at almost $48 billion a year. There is no shortage of construction jobs Down Under. Residential building activity was at record levels during the second quarter of 2016. The value of construction work done on attached dwellings also reached record levels. Total construction work done across the…

Emigrating to Australia: medical employment

24 August 2016 In: Jobs

Emigrating to Australia: Medical practice in Australia has changed over the last decade with a major shift toward a medical workforce with more specialist roles. The total number of registered medical practitioners increased from 67,890 in 2005 to 97,466 in 2015. The majority of these (83,871) were practitioners employed as clinicians. The supply of medical practitioners working in general practice (GPs) changed little between 2005 and 2015, ranging from 109 per 100,000 people in 2008…

Tasmania IT jobs boost

18 August 2016 In: Jobs

Tasmania IT jobs and construction employment will be created with construction of Tasmania’s first global-standard data centre located at Cambridge’s SPARK Business Hub. Around 80 local jobs will be created before the $40 million data centre site enters the operational phase when an additional 17 roles will be created. New data capacity delivered by the new site will be a major boost to economic development in Tasmania. The planning and design stage will begin immediately…

Migrate to Australia: skills in demand

08 August 2016 In: Jobs

Migrate to Australia: Over the coming decade 75% of jobs in the fastest-growing industries will need skills and qualifications in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – known as S.T.E.M. As the jobs market moves away from traditional industries it is affecting both the skills list for migrants and temporary workers and the teaching of students in schools. To meet this growing demand for new academic and practical skills a major initiative has been launched to…

Australia IT jobs: seven year project

03 August 2016 In: Jobs

Australia IT jobs: the government is seeking system integrators capable of replacing the country’s out-dated mainframe payments system with SAP. The project, called the Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation Programme, is one of Australia’s biggest national IT projects to date. Australia has traditionally used a CCA IBM-compatible database at the heart of its national welfare payments system. The 45 year old database remains at the core of a vital IT system that distributes hundreds of millions…

Canberra jobs: $26m solar boost

01 August 2016 In: Jobs

Canberra jobs: Employment prospects are rising in the renewable energy industry as Australia moves increasingly into a carbon-free future. The new ‘green’ energy facility will be a national first – a hybrid wind and solar farm. Both methods of generating power will be linked together in one place, producing major cost savings as well as plentiful electricity. The new solar energy plant will be built and operated alongside the existing Gullen Range wind farm outside…

South Australia jobs $88bn boost

29 July 2016 In: Jobs

South Australia jobs will be created across a wide range of industries from construction and metalwork to hi-tech software and 21st century service provision. “Many thousands of skilled workers will be required to prepare the various sites and facilities needed to start shipbuilding,” says Darrell Todd founder of thinkingaustralia. “When the shipbuilding work actually starts, many more skilled workers will be need to fulfil the contracts”. Shipbuilding and associated industries in South Australia will be…

Victoria jobs creation record high

22 July 2016 In: Jobs

Victoria jobs – In the past year 87,800 full-time positions have been created across the state, an all-time record. Victoria’s annual jobs growth of 4.5 per cent is the biggest in the state since June 1989. Victoria jobs creation has been in permanent full-time positions and new jobs created for both men and women, with 42,800 new jobs for men and 45,000 for women. Growth of female employment, at 6.6 per cent, is at its’…

jobs in australia – defence workers needed

22 July 2016 In: Jobs

Jobs in Australia – “Skilled work is being created as part of the most significant naval shipbuilding program since the Second World War”, says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “If you are skilled worker with experience in the defence industry, Australia needs you. Contact us today to find out how you could be living and working Down Under sooner than you might think”. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull highlighted the need for more skilled workers…