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Working holiday visa means higher tax

13 June 2016 In: Jobs

The Australian government planned changes to tax laws that meant visitors with a working holiday visa could pay almost three times more in tax. Widespread opposition to the planned new tax rules forced the government to review the policy, announced as part of the 2015 National Budget. The main issue was the potential impact on Australia’s regional workforce. There was concern that the tax changes could add to already decreasing working holiday maker numbers and…

Australian teaching jobs

08 June 2016 In: Jobs

There is no shortage of Australian teaching jobs available for qualified professionals in schools across the country. If you are looking for Australian teaching jobs official figures show that more than 100,000 Primary and Secondary School teaching vacancies will need to be filled in schools across Australia. Demand for Secondary School Teachers and Primary School Teachers remains high. Over 50,000 Secondary School Teachers are needed to fill vacancies due to population growth and to replace…

Construction industry jobs

04 June 2016 In: Jobs

Construction industry jobs are set to increase as over 125,000 new workers will be needed by 2019 with construction managers, carpenters and bricklayers all in great demand. Construction managers are in high demand with around 10,000 job openings available each year. Employment for this occupation has risen strongly in the long-term. Looking forward, employment for Construction Managers over the next three years is expected to grow strongly. This is a large occupation suggesting that job…

130,000 new tourism jobs

26 May 2016 In: Jobs

If you’re looking for tourism jobs Down Under and have skills and experience in tourism and hospitality then Australia is looking for you. Over 130,000 new tourism jobs are being created in order to achieve the government’s National Tourism Strategy. Under this plan the total tourism labour force will need to increase to 638,000 workers by 2020. More than 10% of all job vacancies in the tourism industry remain un-filled, compared to a national rate…

Jobs drive Australia migration

25 May 2016 In: Jobs

There are tens of thousands of skilled white-collar, management, professional and corporate positions on offer for anyone thinking of Australia migration. And with so many jobs available there are many opportunities for promotion and career progression through companies, organizations, educational and Government institutions. For those with the right qualifications, it’s possible to gain State Sponsorship and be working Down Under in an Australian institution within months. “Australia needs people; it needs skilled workers… and fast,”…

Jobs key to Australian Migration

22 May 2016 In: Jobs

The key to Australian Migration is now jobs, with your skills being the best route to living and working Down Under. Darrell Todd and his company thinkingaustralia have helped over 10,000 migrants to live and work in Australia over recent years and he has seen change taking place. “Twenty years ago it was old folks retiring Down Under, then 40-somethings attracted by the weather and better lifestyle on offer in Australia. Now it’s all about…

Australian Job Vacancies

21 May 2016 In: Jobs

In recent years many Australian Job Vacancies have been driven by shortages in the service, construction and mining industries. But this is changing fast with new hi-tech science, medical, IT and research skills now greatly in demand. “If you have the skills needed by Australia you could be fast-tracked into a job within a matter of months,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. Here’s a snapshot of job prospects across the country and some of…

Emigration to Australia

17 May 2016 In: Jobs

If you’re thinking about emigration to Australia there are two routes to residency down under – one is via the migration pathway and the other is via your skills. “Emigration to Australia remains the dream of many people,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “Despite recent changes it is still possible to achieve your dream.” The key to Australia now is jobs – and your skills. If you are a professional or skilled trades person…

Australian skills assessment

14 May 2016 In: Jobs

The Australian Skills Assist (ASA) service reviews and checks the information and documents that you send to us in order to ensure the successful submission of the necessary paperwork which will meet the requirements for it to be accepted by the relevant Skills Assessment authority. ASA then help with the overall administration of the Skills Assessment process as it progresses. The Australian Skills Assist (ASA) service uses a simple 3 Step System to prepare you…

New South Wales skills shortage

08 May 2016 In: Jobs

New South Wales has a shortage of carpenters and general builders to meet the growing demand for home improvements and residential building projects. New South Wales: With property prices slowing and starting to fall, householders are now seeking to add value by improving their homes. But this has created a shortage of key trades-people and the cost of renovation work has increased. Across the country home renovation costs have risen by around 1.5% in the…