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Family news

Want to know what’s happening with families in Australia? We’ve got it covered.

We guarantee the most up-to-date new stories about family issues, experiences and so on, which are written by local and international reporters exclusively for you.

Household wealth report

29 June 2020 In: Finance, Economy, Family, General

Household wealth in Australia: Household liabilities grew $18.7b (0.8%), following moderate growth in the previous quarter. Total household liabilities were $2,510b, 92% of which are long term loans. The 0.9% growth in long term loans this quarter was due to rises in owner occupier (0.9%) and unincorporated business loans (1.0%), partly offset by falls in investor housing loans (-0.3%). Short term loan borrowings by households decreased 7.2% this quarter, the largest fall in the history of…

Household wealth falls

28 June 2020 In: Finance, Economy, Family, General

Household wealth decreased 2.3 per cent (down $9,982) to $428,585 per person, the largest decrease since the September quarter 2011, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. A fall in superannuation balances (8.2 per cent) and directly held equity holdings (5.3 per cent) contributed to reversing the household wealth gain in the December 2019 quarter. These falls were partly offset by a real (inflation adjusted) holding gain on land and dwellings of 1.9 per cent….

Australia population growth

21 June 2020 In: Economy, Family, General

Australia population growth increased by 1.4 per cent during the year ending 31 December 2019, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. ABS Demography Director Lauren Ford said: “The population at 31 December 2019 was 25.5 million people, following an annual increase of 349,800 people.” Natural increase accounted for 39.8 per cent of annual population growth, while net overseas migration accounted for the remaining 60.2 per cent. There were 305,800 births and 166,700 deaths registered…

Study In Canberra Resumes

20 June 2020 In: Study, Canberra, Family, General

Study in Canberra: International students will fly to Canberra next month under a pilot program aimed at resuming international student education. The Australian National University and University of Canberra hope the trial will set the stage for large-scale arrivals across the country. JOBS – The government is poised to revamp its $70 billion JobKeeper program and maintain higher payments to the unemployed with concerns mounting about the long-term health of the economy after it was…

4 Top Tips for Best Home Working

20 June 2020 In: Jobs, Health, Family, General

Home Working: One of the biggest challenge’s homeworkers are facing day-to-day is achieving balance. However according to new research from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University there are proactive steps we can take to help us feel more in control of our time. “If we want to operate at our best, human beings need to have their three basic psychological needs satisfied. The first is autonomy, which is a sense of choice and control about…

Study in Australia: Re-Start in July

16 June 2020 In: Travel, Study, Family, General

Study in Australia has been disrupted by COVID-19 but international students could return in July to resume their studies. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he wants to see students returning for semester two under ‘very controlled’ processes agreed between states and institutions. States that may have border restrictions still in place in July would not be allowed to take part. “This is something we would all welcome but it has to be done with the…

Jobs in Australia Update

12 June 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, Family, General

Jobs in Australia are still available for migrants seeking to live and work down under. Until the COVID-19 emergency around 70 per cent of recent migrants and temporary residents were employed. Migrants who had obtained Australian citizenship since arrival were more likely to be employed (76%) than migrants on a permanent visa (66%), or temporary residents (65%). Of those employed, 77% of people with Australian citizenship and 75% on a permanent visa were employed full-time,…

COVID-19 Update 6 June

06 June 2020 In: Health, Family, General

COVID-19 restrictions are now lifting across Australia as the country begins to emerge from the coronavirus emergency. At one US dollar to 1.53 Aussie dollars, Australia’s currency has bounced back after hitting 17-year lows just six weeks ago. The Reserve Bank held official interest rates steady. It said the economy was going through its biggest economic contraction since the 1930s, but there were signs the worst was over. With COVID-19 cases now falling fitness facilities…

COVID-19: $75m ‘thanks’

06 June 2020 In: Jobs, Family, General

COVID-19 has brought out the generosity of Woolworths who’ve said a $75 million ‘thanks’ to their staff. More than 100,000 Woolworth employees will be given up to $750 worth of company shares and a gift card to reward them for working through the COVID-19 panic-buying period. The Australian government has announced a $688 million HomeBuilder program, offering Australians $25,000 to build or substantially renovate their home. The move comes in a bid to support up…

COVID-19 Family Issues

04 June 2020 In: Health, Family, General

COVID-19 Family Issues have been highlighted by the latest report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Women were almost three times as likely to have stayed at home to look after their children on their own than men (46 per cent* compared with 17 per cent*), according to the fourth ABS Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey Many parents made changes to their work arrangements to care for their children, including working from home (38 per…

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