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Property in Australia: Brisbane prices cheapest

04 October 2016 In: Property

Property in Australia: Home price inflation in Brisbane is now less than half that of all other combined city capitals where prices are rising by an average 7.1 per cent. Only the cities of Perth, at minus 7 per cent, and Darwin, at minus 6 per cent, have seen home prices fall. Improving rate of affordability in Brisbane has seen a steep rise in home buyers that have been priced out the housing market in…

Property in Australia: Melbourne prices rise

03 October 2016 In: Property

Property in Australia has experienced many years of price growth but the market is now cooling fast and average prices are now generally falling – except in Melbourne. Melbourne property values rose 2.3 per cent over September and are now up just under 9 per cent year-on-year. It’s the fastest growth of any Australian capital city for the past three months. Meanwhile, Sydney property price growth almost halved in September, rising just 0.8 per cent…

Moving to Australia – home rental costs

25 September 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia where Every Australian capital city has experienced a fall in vacancy rates and, in some key cities, a fall in the cost of renting a property. Across the country, the August fall in vacancy rates ranged from 0.1% to 0.3% across all capital cities. The nation’s lowest vacancy rate is in Hobart at 0.3%, having fallen from 0.8% over the month. Perth’s vacancy rate fell 0.2% to 5% over August, while in…

Migrate to Australia: Melbourne industrial boom

24 September 2016 In: Property

Migrate to Australia where Melbourne’s industrial property market will continue to grow over the next 12 months. Migrate to Australia where, in Melbourne, latest research shows the highest level of take-up ever recorded for the city’s industrial market, with a total of 731,000 sqm of space absorbed over 2015. The market has already established its strength in 2016, with recorded take-up for the year’s first half at 377,000 sqm. Victoria’s economy is being driven by…

Moving to Australia: home prices fall $17k

22 September 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia does not mean breaking the bank and it is still possible to find affordable housing, most notably in Brisbane where the average price of a new apartment has fallen by over $17,000 over the past three months. A total of 810 apartments were sold in the Queensland capital during the June quarter – the lowest number since the beginning of 2014. The average sale price in the June quarter was $578,580, a…

Moving to Australia: house price update

22 September 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia is a major life decision that takes careful consideration, especially when it comes to housing costs. The average cost of a residential property in Australia has increased by 8.2 per cent over the past 12 months with the total value of all Australia’s homes now $6.04 trillion. Brisbane has seen the highest growth in property prices, pushing Sydney into second place. Brisbane property prices grew 4.3 per cent over the 12 months…

Property in Australia: Sydney and Melbourne

15 September 2016 In: Property

Property in Australia has risen in prices in recent years but many cities have seen prices level out and fall. Rising house prices have attracted property investors that have driven the supply of apartments for the past four years. But as prices return to realistic growth levels investors may withdraw and supply of properties may dry up. Growth of high density development has already started to fall following a market peak in 2015 and 2016….

Emigrate to Australia: housing prices

14 September 2016 In: Property

Emigrate to Australia is becoming more affordable as the housing boom slows leading to more realistic prices of houses and apartments. Property prices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra have increased but far from the level seen at the peak of the housing boom. Sydney property prices rose by less than 4 per cent over the past three months. Melbourne home prices increased by 3.4 per cent and prices in Canberra have increased by one per…

Emigrating to Australia: housing costs fall

08 September 2016 In: Property

Costs involved in emigrating to Australia will continue to fall with industry observers predicting that apartment prices in capital cities could fall up to per cent over the next two years. Rental rates fell across the combined capital cities during August with the exception of Melbourne, Darwin and Canberra. The cost of renting declined by 0.3 per cent compared to the previous month and falls are set to continue as overall housing supply grows in…

Moving to Australia: affordable housing

07 September 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia is made easier by this week’s Reserve Bank decision not to increase interest rates which remain the same at 1.5 per cent. And new housing affordability data shows the proportion of average family income needed to meet average mortgage payments was 29.4 per cent, the best level since June 2009. Good news also includes data that shows a rise in average household income across the country. Most states and territories saw improvements…

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