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Sydney is a vibrant and multicultural city where there’s no limit to what you can see or do.

This bustling metropolis is quickly becoming one of the most exciting cities in the world, with a continuous influx of new restaurants, clubs and theatres – the nightlife is spectacular.

Based along the coast, Sydney has it all, from a dazzling metropolitan scene to ideal beaches.

key facts

  • Location: Sydney is on the east coast of New South Wales, north of Canberra
  • Population: 4,840,000
  • Size: 1,580 km2


Sydney has a very temperate climate that’s generally free from extreme hot and cold temperatures.

  • Summer average: 22°C
  • Winter average: 13°C
  • Average rainfall: 1,200 mm

working in sydney

Sydney’s largest economic contributor is the financial and banking sector but other important contributors include manufacturing, mining and agriculture.

Known for producing world class animation and digital arts, employment in the creative industries is growing at nearly double the rate of the state’s other industries.

The city has a reputation for being on the forefront of technology. It is the information and communications technology capital of Australia and hosts the regional headquarters of Google, IBM, Optus and many more.

studying in sydney

There are a whopping 11 universities in New South Wales that offer a huge range of courses, including Macquarie University and the University of Sydney.

Due to the financial sector being a major contributor to Sydney’s economy, there a many opportunities for students with an interest in money matters to develop their skills.

Sydney also has a number of institutions available for the more artistically orientated, such as the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), which is one of the most well regarded performing arts schools in the country. The Australian Film, Television and Radio School also has much to offer those with a keen interest in creative media.

housing and property

Sydney’s cost of living is fairly high due to its popularity and strong economy, with the average house price sitting at almost AUD $1 million in January 2016 and rent costing nearly AUD $600 on average per week.

This means that the Sydney housing market currently rivals the prices in London and is sharp on the heels of New York City.


Sydney’s public transport system has a reputation for efficiency (for example, some of the central trains are double-decker) and includes a range of bus, train and ferry services that are complemented by light rail lines, taxis and sightseeing buses. The Harbour City Ferries offer a unique look at Sydney’s famed harbour, as well as the bridge and Opera House.

Towards Sydney’s outer suburbs, the public transportation system becomes sparser and people rely more on cars to get around.

new south wales

New South Wales is known for its pristine coastline and vibrant capital city in the east, but the state has plenty going on further inland as well.

The state has a rich agricultural sector and a fertile, well-reputed wine region in the Hunter Valley. It’s also home to the Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains, which offer the rare Australian skiing experience.

In its west, NSW has plenty of outback land and a number of regional towns that are rich in history, such as Broken Hill and Mildura. There are also plenty of charming towns on the coast outside of Sydney, such as Byron Bay, which is a popular destination for those who like their towns friendly and very relaxed.

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