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Australian Migration Checklist

If you’re looking to make Australia your forever home then this timeline and migration checklist will help you plan all the steps you need to take to get here.

You can also contact our talented team of migration experts through our dedicated 24/7 helpline for advice on moving to Australia.

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begin planning to migrate to australia

24–12 months prior to leaving

  • Get advice: discuss migrating and seek advice from family and friends
  • Research living and work options: figure out the best places to live and the types of job opportunities that are available
  • Attend events: go to migration expos and seminars to hear from experts
  • Find your visa: look at the Australian visa options and figure out the best one for you based on your intentions and qualifications
  • Get an agent: find a migration agent who really knows their stuff
  • Apply for your visa: once you’ve figured out the visa for you, go through the application process
  • Budget for the move: save as much money as you can (especially for contingencies), start reducing debt and figure out what you’ll need to buy when you get here

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prepare to migrate to australia

6 months to go

  • Update your resume: ensure your CV is up-to-date with your latest experience, qualifications and references
  • Apply for jobs: find and apply for appropriate employment opportunities in Australia
  • Organise health insurance: apply for Australian health insurance
  • Enrol in education: enrol your children (if you’ve got them) in schools or enrol yourself in a university or educational provider if you’re looking to study
  • Consider selling your house and car: decide whether or not you want to put your current house and/or car on the market
  • Sell unwanted belongings: consider selling the belongings you won’t need, such as bulky items or things that’ll be cheaper to purchase here rather than ship over
  • Find temporary accommodation: figure out the best temporary accommodation for when you arrive in Australia
  • Renew your passport: ensure your passport covers the duration of your visa and renew it if you need to
  • Book flights: organise and pay for your flights to Australia

get free advice on preparing to move to Australia

take-off to australia

1 month to go

  • Hire a car: consider booking a hire car for when you arrive in Australia
  • Book accommodation: organise temporary accommodation for your arrival
  • Financial documents: collect all of your financial/tax statements
  • Utility statements: collect all of your utility statements (electricity, gas, water, phone and so on)
  • Medical files: collect all of your medical files and reports
  • Finalise accounts: pay off all outstanding bills and cancel your accounts
  • Organise shipping: organise transport for the belongings you’re not bringing onboard the flight
  • Exchange currency: buy some Australian currency for when you land for on-the-go expenses
  • Say your goodbyes: meet with your family and friends and say goodbye (and tell them to come visit you!)

get free advice on taking off and moving to Australia

arriving in australia

upon landing

  • Hire car: pick up your hire car
  • Accommodation: check into your temporary accommodation
  • Become acquainted: familiarise yourself with the city and surroundings
  • Get connected: purchase a prepaid mobile phone and prepaid internet for your computer
  • Contact loved ones: get in touch with your family and friends and tell them you’ve arrived safely
  • Local consulate: register yourself at your local consulate (check the Australian Government website for contact points)
  • Centrelink: visit your local Centrelink for employment and financial assistance, if you’re eligible
  • Contact your employer: meet with and introduce yourself to your employer
  • School/childcare: visit your chosen school or childcare to meet your child’s teachers

get free advice on arriving in Australia

establish your base

1–3 months

  • Permanent accommodation: find permanent accommodation (to rent or purchase) in Australia. If you decide to purchase, contact a licensed finance and mortgage broker as they have leverage with as many as 20 lenders throughout Australia. The role of the broker is to obtain the best possible deal for your circumstances.
  • Obtain a tax file number: contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and organise a tax file number for yourself
  • Driver’s license: obtain an Australian driver’s license
  • Find a car: purchase a new or used car
  • Apply for Medicare: set up Medicare for Australia’s public health system (if you’re eligible)
  • Locate professionals: find an accountant and a solicitor for future reference
  • Learn English: enrol into English classes if you need to
  • Increase your familiarity: immerse yourself in your new surrounds and explore further afield

3 months onward

  • Become social: attend social functions, community events, festivals and so on to network yourself and your family into the community you’ve chosen (city councils also conduct welcome events for new members of the local community)
  • Long-term housing: consider your on-going housing needs and the best long-term plan for you
  • Establish utilities: once you’ve found longer term accommodation, set up utilities such as phone, water, electricity and so on
  • Set your future goals: think about your new life in Australia and figure out what’s next here for you and your family

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thinking australia? ask the australian migration experts!

We’ve put together a cracker of a team of migration experts who are just itching to help you move to Australia. You can contact them through our dedicated 24/7 helpline.

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