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Australian Airlines

Australia has a range of airlines that fly nationally and internationally, and suit a range of budgets.

Read about some of the more popular airlines below or if you’d like advice on which is the airline for you, get in touch with our team of migration experts through our dedicated 24/7 helpline.


  • Flies domestically and internationally
  • Is at the higher end cost-wise but includes cushy amenities, food and in-flight entertainment as part of the price

Nicknamed ‘the Flying Kangaroo’, Qantas has the largest fleet in Australia. The name originated from the acronym QANTAS, which stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (though the airline has long since serviced all of Australia and many overseas destinations).


  • Flies domestically and internationally
  • Offers a higher-end approach to flights like Qantas, as well as the ‘no frills’ option of carry on baggage only and bringing your own food and snacks (within quarantine regulations of course)

Virgin has the second largest fleet in Australia and is part of Richard Branson’s multinational Virgin Group. He (or a cartoon version of him) often features in the safety announcements at the start of the flight.


  • Flies domestically and international
  • A budget airline with a no frills ‘plain starter’ fare that allows you to add the amenities you’d like to, including a range of baggage allowances and food you can purchase in-flight

Owned by Qantas, Jetstar has been operating since 2003.

tiger air

  • Flies domestically
  • Offers a ‘buy on board’ service for purchasing food and entertainment, as well as several baggage options

Virgin Australia established Tiger Air in 2007.

things you need to know

There are some things you need to keep in mind when you’re flying to and around Australia, including:

food and quarantine

All of the Australian states and territories have their own quarantine so be extra careful when you’re travelling with food.

Fresh foods, vegetables or meats can’t be brought into the country unless within special guidelines. Some states and territories also have special restrictions so always check ahead.

If you can’t live without a certain packaged food item then make sure it’s in an unopened packet and has a clear ingredients list.

Also, if you’re travelling internationally then make sure you declare any food items as there are pretty hefty fines if you don’t declare them.

travel insurance

It’s always a good idea to have travel insurance for any incidentals that might happen while you’re on the go.

Also, if you’re travelling from a country that’s part of the Commonwealth Australia has a reciprocal agreement with some countries for healthcare so check with your local government what care you might be entitled to.

thinking australia? we can help!

If you’d like to make Australia your next destination or home then we can help you.

In fact, we’d love to, through our dedicated 24/7 helpline that puts you in touch with experts who really know their stuff.

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