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Migration news

Want to know the latest news about Australia? We’ve got it covered.

We guarantee the most up-to-date new stories about the challenges, opportunities and experiences relating to migration to Australia, which are written by local and international reporters exclusively for you.

Australia Visa Applications

08 April 2020 In: Study, Jobs, Migration, General

Australia Visa Applications have been affected by the coronavirus emergency. Applicants should be aware that some services relating to the visa application process may be impacted by COVID-19. We are aware of issues accessing the VEVO system for certain visa holders. If you can’t use VEVO to check your visa status and conditions, you can still access your visa grant letter and visa conditions online using your ImmiAccount. VEVO – https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/already-have-a-visa/check-visa-details-and-conditions/check-conditions-online ImmiAccount – https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/login Visa…

Migration to Australia

07 April 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, General

Migration to Australia and Work in Australia is still a possibility despite the current coronavirus situation. Migration to Australia will continue throughout the current emergency, though some official criteria may change. If you are serious about Australia NOW is the time to pre-assess your eligibility and gather the paperwork and other materials needed for the Migration and/or work visa process. Opportunities in Australia are endless, the country will bounce right back after the coronavirus and…

Qantas Non-Stop to London

05 April 2020 In: Travel, Migration, General

Qantas has struck a deal to launch non-stop flights from Australia to London and New York. Qantas says it has agreed a deal with pilots to enable the flights – the longest in the world – once the current coronavirus emergency subsides. Qantas’ international pilot group has voted in favour of a new pay deal that will cover proposed non-stop services to London and New York after the airline threatened to bring in outside pilots…

Coronavirus Growth Falls 50%

03 April 2020 In: Migration, Family, General

Coronavirus growth in Australia may now have fallen by 50% according to new scientific forecasts. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison urged Aussies to stay at home during Easter, saying that social-distancing measures taken by Australians had cut the projected growth rate of the virus in half. Australia has entered a “new phase” of virus suppression, he said. Infection growth of COVID-19 across Australia is at single-digit levels, with the government planning to release updated modelling…

Jobs in Australia

02 April 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, General

Jobs in Australia are available despite the current coronavirus emergency. We are recruiting Registered nurses, Enrolled nurses, Midwives, former nurses who have their AHPRA registration or are willing to apply for, and want to return to work. Candidates can be seeking casual work or permanent and ongoing employment down under. Jobs in Australia include medical and healthcare workers, service sector personnel and emergency services staff. If you have an interest in aged care, rehabilitation, or…

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

02 April 2020 In: Migration, Health, Family, General

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial will begin soon in Australia to test a preventative vaccine for COVID-19 healthcare workers. Melbourne University will begin an Australian trial to test whether an existing vaccine can help prevent healthcare workers becoming sick with COVID-19. Professor Kathryn North, Director of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Melbourne Children’s Campus, says that 4000 healthcare workers from around Australia will be recruited to take part in the multi-centre randomised controlled clinical trial…

Home Working Top Tips

02 April 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, Family, General

Home working top tips to help your day: Coronavirus is changing the way we work. Home working will be the norm for the foreseeable future due to the increased risks associated with coronavirus. What’s going on around the world is unprecedented. In such a short amount of time, many people have had to change the way they work. Here’s a few ideas for those of you who are having to work from home. Stay at…

Coronavirus curve ‘flattening’

01 April 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, General

Australia’s death toll from Coronavirus has reached 21 but the curve is flattening, according to the Australian government. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly says that less than 100 of Australia’s 4860 cases have required intensive care treatment. But the news was tempered with a warning that the coronavirus will not be defeated without a vaccine which could be 18 months away. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian urged businesses to start producing medical supplies, while Australia’s…

Coronavirus vaccine ‘within months’

01 April 2020 In: Travel, Jobs, Migration, General

Coronavirus vaccine tests are due to start soon. Human testing of a coronavirus vaccine could start by September. Drug maker Johnson & Johnson says it aims to make a vaccine ready for use in early 2021. Global efforts are underway to develop a vaccine for the virus that has killed almost 35,000 worldwide, but it could take a year to have a vaccine ready. A patient was dosed with Moderna Inc’s vaccine in an early-stage…

Visa holders in Australia

31 March 2020 In: Travel, Jobs, Migration, General

Visa for Australia: Visa holders in Australia must apply for a new visa before your current visa expires. You may be eligible to be granted a bridging visa that will keep you lawful until a decision is made on your visa application. Click link to see what you need to do to stay longer. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/visa-about-to-expire/stay-longer No further stay condition (includes 8503, 8534 and 8535) – This means you can’t apply for most other visas until…

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