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Emigrate to Australia – Great Barrier Reef

28 August 2016 In: Migration

Emigrate to Australia: New laser-radar data from the Royal Australian Navy has revealed vast fields of strange doughnut-shaped circular mounds up to 300 metres across and 10 metres deep. The newly-discovered reef is thought to extend for over 6,000 square kilometres. It was discovered via the use of LiDAR-equipped aircraft. “We’ve known about these geological structures in the northern Great Barrier Reef since the 1980s but never before has the true nature of their shape,…

Migrate to Australia: Skilled Occupation List

26 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia: 52 occupations have been flagged on the Skilled Occupation List 2016-17 including health professionals, engineers, taxation accountants, barristers and solicitors. The federal health department wanted to remove 41 jobs from the Skilled Occupation List including some GPs, surgeons and anaesthetists. “Immigration is often used as a short-term demand management strategy and it continues to be poorly co-ordinated,” the Health Department says. “Over a longer planning horizon, better management of migration pathways for…

Migrate to Australia: Aussie launguage

26 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia and find out what ‘doing a Bradbury’ means. If you fancy ‘a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down’ you’ll have to ask an Aussie – or consult the Australian National Dictionary. Australia now has another 6,000 new Aussie words and phrases that have now officially become part of the Australian language. Thousands of new words and phrases, including more than 100 Indigenous languages, have been officially included in…

Migrate to Australia and find your gold

25 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia, in particular Central Victoria, where the gold nugget weighing over 4kg was found. The discovery was made in on the southern edge of central Victoria’s Golden Triangle. Minelab, the company that makes the metal detector that helped in the search to find the prize, believes the 145-ounce nugget, named Friday’s Joy, could be worth $250,000. The lucky prospector, who prefers to remain anonymous, told reporters that he found the nugget about 12…

Emigrate to Australia: ninth richest country

24 August 2016 In: Migration

Emigrate to Australia: the country is considered an economic powerhouse and ranked number nine in a report by New World Wealth. The report takes into account the net individual wealth of a person, including all their assets- cash, property, equities and investments. The report excluded the government funds from its figures. The net individual wealth of Australia has been calculated to be $4,500 billion. The country’s ranking has been termed as “impressive” despite its very…

Emigration to Australia: family support

22 August 2016 In: Migration

Emigration to Australia is a life-changing experience and family life and routine is bound to be impacted, says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “It can take time to settle into a new home, routine and lifestyle and young people react to this in many different ways. Parents – and fathers in particular – can often feel out of their depth”. Help and support is available through ParentWorks, Australia’s first online-only father-friendly free parenting service. The…

Migrate to Australia: visa delays forecast

19 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia paperwork and checking process is bound to be impacted by government plans to cut 300 jobs at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. But Union chiefs claim that up to 800 jobs face the axe and that existing staff will have to cope with a far greater workload, leading to delays in processing visa and immigration applications. “The effect of planned jobs cuts has yet to be seen,” says Darrell Todd,…

Migrate to Australia: economic outlook

18 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia where the economic outlook is strong and stock market revenues and profits are increasing. “While European countries remain mired in economic uncertainty Australia is powering ahead,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “Australia’s AAA credit rating has been confirmed by global ratings agency Moody’s who say the country maintains its stable outlook. There’s no better time to migrate to Australia”. Moody’s say that the country’s proven economic resilience will endure; the country…

Australian children drive new media

17 August 2016 In: Migration

Australian children have fully embraced social media, Facebook is still the number one platform for kids but children spend more time on Snapchat. Almost a third of Snapchat users spend up to an hour and a half on the platform each day, compared to a quarter of Facebook users. The social media usage increases dramatically with age – multiplying by five times as children grow from 7-9 years old to 13 years of age. Parents…

Migrate to Australia: health services

14 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia and you will find health services supported by 1,322 hospitals across Australia – 698 public and 624 private hospitals. The total number of hospital beds in Australia has increased by 4 per cent with every new bed creating around five new jobs across the health service. In the past five years the number of public hospital beds has increased by around 1.1% every year to 60,300. The number of private hospital beds…