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Migrate to Australia: economic outlook

18 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia where the economic outlook is strong and stock market revenues and profits are increasing. “While European countries remain mired in economic uncertainty Australia is powering ahead,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “Australia’s AAA credit rating has been confirmed by global ratings agency Moody’s who say the country maintains its stable outlook. There’s no better time to migrate to Australia”. Moody’s say that the country’s proven economic resilience will endure; the country…

Australian children drive new media

17 August 2016 In: Migration

Australian children have fully embraced social media, Facebook is still the number one platform for kids but children spend more time on Snapchat. Almost a third of Snapchat users spend up to an hour and a half on the platform each day, compared to a quarter of Facebook users. The social media usage increases dramatically with age – multiplying by five times as children grow from 7-9 years old to 13 years of age. Parents…

Migrate to Australia: health services

14 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia and you will find health services supported by 1,322 hospitals across Australia – 698 public and 624 private hospitals. The total number of hospital beds in Australia has increased by 4 per cent with every new bed creating around five new jobs across the health service. In the past five years the number of public hospital beds has increased by around 1.1% every year to 60,300. The number of private hospital beds…

Australian health improves

14 August 2016 In: Migration

Australian health figures show a 10 per cent reduction in the total burden of ill-health, death and injury across the country. The reduction was mainly due to a 15 per cent fall in the number of people losing years from dying prematurely. There was also a 4 per cent fall in the number of years of healthy life lost through living with an illness or injury. Among all the disease groups, the largest fall in…

Migrate to Australia: New South Wales

13 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia: New South Wales’s economy will be worth $1.3 trillion dollars in 40 years’ time, according to a new report that projects demographic, workforce and housing trends across the state. The Future State: NSW 2056 report provides insight into what NSW might look like in the next 40 years and suggests how it might become an even more attractive place to live and work. The report is published every five years and projects…

Migrate to Australia: enjoy sporty lifestyle

04 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia not just for employment and lifestyle opportunities but for the chance to enjoy a wide range of sport – the Aussie obsession. A lack of physical activity has been linked to increases in non-communicable diseases including obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. “The Australian Government firmly believes in the role sport can play in reducing both physical and mental health risks”, says Sussan Ley, Australia’s Minister for Sport. “Physical activity…

Migrate to Australia: Sydney

02 August 2016 In: Migration

Migrate to Australia: Sydney is surrounded by a natural boundary comprising the western Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury in the north of the city. “The recent construction boom in Sydney has seen thousands of new apartments built in the city,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “High rise and apartment living is increasingly popular and, for those wanting to migrate to Australia in future, it will be the norm mainly due to a lack of…

Migrating to Australia: residential aged care

27 July 2016 In: Migration

If you’re migrating to Australia aged care services may not be top of your list but “It is can be a vital element when considering the future,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. So what services are available should you or a member of your family require residential aged care in future? For those thinking of migrating to Australia it’s worth knowing there are two types of care provided in residential aged care facilities: permanent…

Migrating to Australia: aged care provision

26 July 2016 In: Migration

For those migrating to Australia aged care services may not be top of the list but “It is an important element when considering the future, and the well being of older family members,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. The aged care system in Australia provides a range of services that support older people, and a number of people with disability, in both residential and community-based settings. Services are provided on the basis of need…

Migrating to Australia economic outlook

25 July 2016 In: Migration

Migrating to Australia is not just about sunshine and the beach, “It’s also about good jobs and opportunities for you and your family”, says Darrell Todd founder of thinkingaustralia. If you are considering migrating to Australia and are looking for the best opportunities, the current power-house of the Aussie economy is New South Wales. N.S.W has the top performing economy in Australia. The state remains Number One in the country for population growth, retail trade,…