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1.8 million new jobs in Australia

02 July 2020 by News Desk

Jobs in Australia: employment is set to get a major boost with plans to create almost two million jobs through renewable energy and low emission projects.

The million jobs plan involves a job creation process over the next five years based on new energy transmission and storage projects, the implementation of a national housing retrofit program for low-income households and the building of 150,000 new zero-energy social housing dwellings.

The plan also calls for building electrified transport infrastructure, such as electric bus fleets; land restoration; the upgrade of aluminium smelters; and the development of “green steel” produced with hydrogen.

The initiative is being promoted by Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, First State Super chief executive Deanne Stewart and former Macquarie Group chair Kevin McCann.

“Let’s look at the natural advantages we have and we can build a renewable energy superpower with a very low cost of energy generation,” Mr Cannon-Brookes said at the launch of the million jobs plan by energy think tank Beyond Zero Emissions.

The Million Jobs Plan is the framework to restore our economy. We’ve mapped out how we can rebuild our nation through practical projects that can restore our economy, modernise our industry, reskill our workforce and deliver a bright and secure economic future

We’ve identified seven key sectors across our economy where strategic investment over the next five years would have the most impact and create the most jobs, including

Energy; Building; Manufacturing; Transport; Recycling; Land Use; Training

Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia will be distributed around the country including in cities and regions already under pressure from the closure of traditional heavy industry and manufacturing, historical droughts and fires, and high unemployment.

Mr Cannon-Brookes said Australia had the assets and resources, like sun and wind, to lead in renewables and low-energy and pointed to his investment in the Sun Cable project to build the world’s largest solar farm, storage facility and a cable to Singapore.

The tech billionaire called on the government to provide policy certainty through a national zero emissions target, which would reduce risk for investors in the sector.

He said the government’s technology investment roadmap, which was published in May, was an “interesting” option.
Backers of the million jobs plan said the coronavirus pandemic had heightened the urgency behind the plan, with job creation needed after the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported 835,000 job losses since March.

Beyond Zero Emissions chair Eytan Lenko, said the plan had been sent to the government and regulatory authorities.

“These are the real shovel-ready projects. If you are really serious about getting the economy back to work quickly this is the conversation we have to have,” he said.

Click here for more details from energy think tank Beyond Zero Emissions https://bze.org.au/the-million-jobs-plan

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