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Migrate to Australia Today

01 July 2020 by News Desk

Migrate to Australia: Migration is still possible as the official processes have not closed down.

People seeking to live and work in Australia should prepare now for the time very soon when the government re-opens the country to overseas workers and migrants, says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingAustralia.

Act now to follow your dream. Get your paperwork completed and be properly assessed to ensure you qualify on all counts.

There will be a big surge in applications to work in Australia in coming months, so don’t wait until the government makes an official announcement, act now.

Migrate to Australia

“Australia retains its AAA rating for the strength of its economy”, says Darrell Todd. “The country will emerge from the current emergency faster and stronger than many leading global nations.

Jobs are waiting down under today, and demand will increase in coming months. If you wish to migrate to Australia, the process begins with proper assessment and application for a working visa.”

Are you thinking about living and working in Australia? Contact us today – send us your CV, fill out our ‘helpline’ form and we will provide an express eligibility assessment free of charge.


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