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New Australian Student Visa

05 July 2016 In: Study

Under the new Australian Student Visa (SSVF) process all international students will apply for the same student visa (subclass 500) regardless of their program of study and will be required to apply for their student visa online. The student’s chosen education provider and their country of citizenship will help determine how much evidence of English language and financial capacity they will need to provide with their student visa application. SSVF replaces the previous eight student…

Australian university admissions shake-up

14 June 2016 In: Study

Australian university admissions processes are currently different across the country and should be made the same, a leading education body says. And the process used by universities should be made more transparent so students can make more informed choices about where they study. That’s the view of education body Universities Australia who are calling for a shake-up of the admissions process and for universities to publish clearer descriptions about how the entry processes work. Proposed…

Student visa changes drive boom

10 June 2016 In: Study

The changes to student visa requirements that come into force on July 1 are set to create a flood of new students, particularly kids of primary school age. New student visa requirements are one part of the expected boom. Housing costs are another. A comparison of total education costs in China and Australia reveals that it could be over $350,000 cheaper for a Chinese child to be educated Down Under than to study in China….

Study at Australian Universities

02 June 2016 In: Study

The body representing Australian Universities has put forward a range of proposals in response to government plans to review and simplify the skilled migration and temporary activity visa programs. Australia needs 3.8 million more skilled graduates by 2025 to meet future labour market needs so it is vital to get the visa process right, says education body Universities Australia. New visa proposals include: recommendation that some visas be increased from 3 to 5 years; new…

Australian study visa

30 May 2016 In: Study

The number of international students at Aussie Uni’s is growing and the number applying for an Australian study visa is at record levels. Australian study visa applications show that international education is already one of Australia’s top two services exports. Along with tourism it is one of five key super-growth sectors that will drive the country’s economy over the next decade. The international education industry is worth $21 billion each year to the Australian economy….

Student housing in Perth

09 May 2016 In: Study

Student housing is in short supply in Perth, so like in many Western Australian university cities, Perth has seen a boom in construction of student housing. Landlords, facing a record high rental vacancy rate, are turning to university students to fill their properties. And new investor-financed housing is being built developed to cater for students. The suburb of Como, close to the universities of U.W.A., Murdoch and Curtin, is one of the most popular areas…

Australia Student Visa

07 May 2016 In: Study

A Student Visa comes in a variety of forms. There are a range of student visas that you can apply for, each of which depends on the type of study you choose to undertake. Higher education – If you would like to study at a university or tertiary level then you may be eligible for the Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573) or Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (subclass 574). If your intention is to study…

Australia to change visa rules

15 April 2016 In: Study

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the changes to visa rules during a trade visit to China this week. Visa rules will be changed, making it easier for Chinese tourists to visit and study in Australia. Changes include having visa applications written in Chinese and a new online visa application process for Chinese visitors. The existing eight student visa categories will be reduced to two. The biggest change is for a new visa that lasts for…

Australian universities score top marks

07 April 2016 In: Study

Australian universities continue to deliver education and life experience at a five-year high, according to the 2015 Student Experience Survey National Report. Eighty per cent of students at Australian universities expressed satisfaction with the quality of the education they are receiving. The survey shows the level of student satisfaction at Australian universities has remained high over the past five years with yearly figures never dropping below 79 per cent. Students have scored Australian universities highly on…

Australia schools improving

10 March 2016 In: Study

For the second year running standards and quality of achievement across the country have recorded above-average scores to show Australia schools improving. Australia schools improving: For the second year in a row 79 schools posted above-average improvements according to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority. 10,000 schools across the country are monitored. The report showed widespread gains and academic improvements. Latest data on the academic performance of Australian schools revealed “signs of improvement across…

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