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Study In Canberra Resumes

20 June 2020 by News Desk

Study in Canberra: International students will fly to Canberra next month under a pilot program aimed at resuming international student education.

The Australian National University and University of Canberra hope the trial will set the stage for large-scale arrivals across the country.

JOBS – The government is poised to revamp its $70 billion JobKeeper program and maintain higher payments to the unemployed with concerns mounting about the long-term health of the economy after it was revealed 838,000 jobs have disappeared in the wake of the virus.

ARRIVALS – Queensland will begin charging overseas arrivals quarantined in hotels up to $200 for each day of their fortnight’s stay. Although reports suggest there will be hardship exemptions of some sort (yet to be detailed).

The government’s coffer-keepers will be pleased, having already footed a $19 million bill for the scheme so far. Still, it’s got nothing on the $50 million bill from Sydney hotels so far.

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