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Australia Immigration ‘impacted’

29 April 2020 by News Desk

Australia Immigration will be affected by the coronavirus emergency, the Treasury department says.

Australia’s Treasury department says there is likely to be an impact on Australia immigration intake due to the pandemic but it is too early to says exactly what changes may result.

Latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlight the importance of migration to the Australian economy.

Through 2018-19, 537,800 overseas migrants arrived while a record 298,200 left.

Australia immigration

Almost two-thirds of the arrivals and 53 per cent of the departures were temporary visa holders.

Of the 239,600 net arrivals, 86,200 people settled in NSW while another 84,500 moved to Victoria.

Melbourne attracted the most migrants, gaining 77,400 people while Sydney was swelled by 73,900

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