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Family news

Want to know what’s happening with families in Australia? We’ve got it covered.

We guarantee the most up-to-date new stories about family issues, experiences and so on, which are written by local and international reporters exclusively for you.

COVID-19: No Future Lockdown

26 May 2020 In: Health, Economy, Family

COVID-19: Australia is not expected to ever return to lockdown once restrictions to curb the coronavirus are lifted. That’s according to Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt who predicts “localised rings of containment,” if a suburban, facility-based or regional outbreak occurs in future. Future state or territory shutdown will only happen if there is “systemic, state-wide” community transmission, which is “highly unlikely”, according to Mr Hunt COVID-19: back to school Full-time attendance at school is now…

COVID-19 Support In Australia

24 May 2020 In: Health, Family, General

COVID-19 Support In Australia: Coronavirus has created a wide range of challenges and affected society in many different ways. What are the key sources of support for people impacted by the current environment? Latest reports show that most common sources of support are: Family member; Private or public organisation or service and Friend or work colleague. During the period early-April to early-May One in ten adults (10%) sought support from others due to COVID-19, including 12%…

Perth Property Prices

23 May 2020 In: Property, Finance, Family, General

Perth Property Prices in 2020 have continued trending upwards after recently turning positive. All of Perth’s sub-regions recorded a rise over the March quarter. Overall, Perth Property Prices were up +0.5% in March, and 0.9% over the quarter, but down -3.1% for the past year. Perth Average House price: $461,845 Perth Average Unit Price: $356,868 The Perth property market is quietly recovering with state government spending big on infrastructure, including rail projects and shopping centres…

COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes

22 May 2020 In: Health, Family, General

COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes in Australia have seen more people turn into coach potatoes watching more TV and eating more snacks. One in five Australians (22%) said ion the past 4 weeks they were eating more snack foods such as chips, lollies, and biscuits; and Three in five Australians (58%) reported more time spent in front of their television, computer, phone, or other device. COVID-19 Consumption habits The survey asked respondents if their consumption of selected…

Australia Employment Update

19 May 2020 In: Jobs, Family, General

Australia Employment arrangements have changed over the past ten weeks as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. The proportion of Australians aged 18 years and over working paid hours increased from 55.8% in April to 59.0% in May; Nearly half (46%) of all Australians who were working in late-April to early-May said they were working from home; and Women were more likely than men to have been working from home (56% compared with 38%). Australia…

Student Visas Fall

13 May 2020 In: Study, Family, General

The number of people visiting Australia on a Student Visa fell by over 11 per cent in March. Of all arrivals to Australia travelling on an international student visa in March 2020, there was a Decrease of 11,790 students (-16%) compared to the same month in the previous year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics International students The outbreak of COVID-19 which started in China in December 2019, has continued to disrupt the movement…

Australia Living Costs

07 May 2020 In: Finance, Economy, Family, General

Australia Living Costs rose 8.5% in March 2020, following a rise of 0.6% in February and a fall of 0.4% in January 2020. The following industries rose in seasonally adjusted terms in March 2020: Food retailing (24.1%), Other retailing (16.6%), and Household goods retailing (9.1%). Cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services (-22.9%), Clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailing (-22.6%), and Department stores (-8.9%) fell in seasonally adjusted terms in March 2020. The following states and…

COVID-19 Hits Households Hard

06 May 2020 In: Health, Family, General

Nearly half (45 per cent) of Australians aged 18 years and over had their household finances impacted by COVID-19 in the period mid-March to mid-April, according to results from the second ABS Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey. The survey also highlighted changing patterns in how Australians are keeping in touch with each other and differences among age groups as to changes in emotional and mental well-being. “One third of Australians (31 per cent) reported that…

Australia Immigration ‘impacted’

29 April 2020 In: Migration, Family, General

Australia Immigration will be affected by the coronavirus emergency, the Treasury department says. Australia’s Treasury department says there is likely to be an impact on Australia immigration intake due to the pandemic but it is too early to says exactly what changes may result. Latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics highlight the importance of migration to the Australian economy. Through 2018-19, 537,800 overseas migrants arrived while a record 298,200 left. Australia immigration Almost…

Australia Coronavirus Update

26 April 2020 In: Health, Family, General

Australia Coronavirus Update: Testing for coronavirus is now available to every Australian with mild respiratory symptoms including a cough and sore throat. Job seekers will be exempt from reporting their mutual obligation requirements up to and including 22 May 2020. Restrictions on elective surgery will gradually ease from Tuesday 28 April. Everyone should stay home unless you are: shopping for what you need, receiving medical care, exercising or travelling to work or education. No more than…

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