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COVID-19 Update 6 June

06 June 2020 by News Desk

COVID-19 restrictions are now lifting across Australia as the country begins to emerge from the coronavirus emergency.

At one US dollar to 1.53 Aussie dollars, Australia’s currency has bounced back after hitting 17-year lows just six weeks ago.

The Reserve Bank held official interest rates steady. It said the economy was going through its biggest economic contraction since the 1930s, but there were signs the worst was over.

With COVID-19 cases now falling fitness facilities can open with up to 10 people per class and 100 people in an indoor venue from June 13.

Tattoo parlours and massage rooms will also be allowed to reopen with up to 10 clients. In Victoria, gyms are due to reopen from June 22.

1900 people visited Melbourne Zoo on its first day open since March.

The number of Australians receiving the JobSeeker payment rose by 300,000 in a single month to hit 1.64 million people on May 22, with a further 45,000 claims outstanding.

COVID-19 Household Impact

Three in four Australians (76%) with children in their household had kept them home from school or childcare due to COVID-19.

One in five adults (22%) with children in their household changed their working hours to care for children kept at home, while 38%* worked from home.

Women were almost three times as likely as men to look after children full-time on their own (46%* compared with 17%*).

One in eight Australian adults (13%) provided unpaid care to a vulnerable person living outside their household because of COVID-19.

Shopping (80%) and provision of meals (49%*) were the most common activities for which assistance was provided to vulnerable people living outside the household.

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