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COVID-19 Aussie Vaccine

14 July 2020 by News Desk

COVID-19 could be beaten by scientists down under. Australian scientists could be first in the world to develop a workable vaccine to beat COVID-19.

Scientists in Queensland and Melbourne say their vaccine could be available by the end of the year.

The scientists have experimented with 250 different formulations and have launched human trials this week.

The Queensland government says that human trials of the University of Queensland’s COVID-19 vaccine will assess the immune reaction of 120 participants, as well as any adverse reactions.

The Aussie scientists’ vaccine hijacks the virus’s own infectious properties to prevent it attaching to human cells and has already been shown to work against other similar viruses.

“In terms of getting a vaccine that will work, we think we are already there,” said Dr Keith Chappell.

The scientists already know that their vaccine works on coronavirus, not COVID-19 but close relative MERS and also seasonal influenza and that it’s processes, called a ‘molecular clamp’ had demonstrated powerful immune responses in animal studies before COVID-19 emerged out of China.

In addition to flu and MERS, it has been successfully tested in the lab on some of the world’s most deadly contagions including SARS, Ebola, respiratory syncytial virus and Nipah.

Further animal testing involving live coronavirus would be conducted at CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory outside Geelong. The first results from the lab mice at UQ are due next week.

Meanwhile, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says Australia will add 5 million new facemasks to the national medical stockpile. One million will go to primary health and 4 million will go to the aged care system and the home care system.

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