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COVID-19 Test App

14 April 2020 by News Desk

COVID-19 Test in Australia is to be boosted by a new mobile app that will deliver test results in a matter of hours

The new SMS-based test alert has been launched in New South Wales where people are now being tested even if they suffer from mild flu-like symptoms.

In addition, the federal government is to urge Australians to use a mobile app that will trace their movements and warn if they have been close to someone already infected

If the majority of Australians download the app it could save lives and allow shutdown measures to be eased much quicker.

Nationwide the growth of new cases has slowed to below two per cent per day.

The nationwide shutdown is forecast to create an unemployment rate of 10 per cent with government officials estimating that over 700,000 Australians could lose their jobs by the middle of the year

Future travellers on all airlines have been warned to expect airfares to double in price when restrictions on air travel are lifted, as airlines compensate for expected limits on the number of passengers permitted on each flight

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