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Brisbane seeks ‘smart city’ status

18 August 2015 by News Desk

brisbane001Council officials in Brisbane are seeking to create a city-wide network that will monitor and analyse the city’s population and its’ everyday activities.

Brisbane City Council wants to join the likes of Barcelona, Toronto and Rio De Janeiro and be a ‘smart city’, with officials able to collect and analyse real time data to improve ‘liveability’.

The Council’s new ‘CitySmart’ project aims to transform Brisbane into Australia’s most sustainable city, including plans for a city-wide cooling system to replace air conditioning and cooling towers in inner city buildings.

There are also plans for a city-wide network that will enable residents, business and councils to monitor and control a range of vital information and activity. The network will allow people to access everyday information, while shopping for example, as well as things like energy consumption in their area. It will allow greater management of the city and its’ total carbon footprint, and it will deliver analysis and predictions to enable state-wide councils to prepare for the future.

Darrell Todd, CEO of thinkingaustralia, says: “The vision may be set in stone and grand plans in place, but the city now needs the infrastructure and technology to make it all happen. This is great opportunity for skilled workers and potential migrants who will be needed to help construct and maintain the ‘CitySmart’ network in Brisbane”.

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