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Technology news

Want to know what’s happening with technology in Australia? We’ve got it covered.

We guarantee the most up-to-date new stories about gadgets, information technology and so on, which are written by local and international reporters exclusively for you.

Adelaide to test driverless cars

24 July 2015 In: Travel, Adelaide, South Australia, Technology, General

Adelaide will play host to the first on-road trials of driverless cars to be staged in the Southern Hemisphere. Car-maker Volvo will conduct a series of on-road tests in South Australia as part of an international conference on driverless cars to be held in Adelaide. Volvo will use the same vehicle featured in similar tests in Sweden. South Australia legalized the use of driverless cars on its roads earlier this year and the trials are part…

Canberra in vital Pluto role

16 July 2015 In: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Technology, General

Scientists in Canberra, Australia are playing a key role in the New Horizons Pluto mission. A space centre in Canberra is a transfer station for images and data being beamed back from NASA’s New Horizons satellite that is passing the distant planet. The satellite is 5.3 billion kilometres away and is now at the start of a 16 month process to beam back a decade’s worth of saved data from its journey. Canberra’s Deep Space…

$150k for Adelaide green scheme

19 June 2015 In: Adelaide, South Australia, Technology, General

Adelaide City Council has tripled its environmental incentives scheme and set aside $150,000 to encourage adoption of ‘green’ technologies. Small businesses, office buildings and schools in Adelaide will now for the first time be eligible for subsidies on solar power and other green technologies. For the past seven years an annual $50,000 incentives scheme has allowed city residents to claim subsidies on solar panels, solar hot water systems and rainwater tanks. The Sustainable City Incentives…

Australia has a new warship

29 May 2015 In: Jobs, Migration, Adelaide, South Australia, Technology, General

Australia has a new warship, a destroyer called HMAS Hobart. Vice Admiral Tim Barrett says HMAS Hobart, and the next two air warfare destroyers to be built, will herald a major change in the way the navy operates. The new ship has the ability to launch helicopters, it carries Aegis combat systems and a range of anti-aircraft armaments. “This ship offers a capability that the navy has not had for quite some time, indeed in…

Australia swaps TV for smart device

24 May 2015 In: Technology, Family, Entertainment, General

Australia is following a global trend by not watching so much TV. Aussies’ increasing love affair with new mobile technology has led to a sharp fall in the use of traditional TV sets. TV is the only category to see uniform, double-digit usage declines across different types of media worldwide among viewers of all ages. It is rapidly being replaced as consumers turn to a laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones to view video content. According…

Internet use growing in Australia

22 May 2015 In: Jobs, Technology, Economy, General

Rising use of smartphones and tablets has driven 7.4% growth in internet access across Australia. Australia’s fixed business data and Internet access markets are expected to grow at 0.6% and 3.9%, respectively, over the next four years, according to IDC. The adoption of cloud, mobility, and applications is driving the demand of data services. “Competition is heightening as telcos are aggressively pursuing market share. In some cases, we have seen contracts discounted upwards of 25%…

Australia invests $6.2bn in ICT

22 May 2015 In: Jobs, Technology, Economy, General

IT-based jobs in Australia will continue to grow over the next three years, boosted by over $6 billion in government ICT spending. Government ICT spending is set to grow by 1.7% each year to A$6.2 billion by 2018. IT services represent the largest spending category valued at A$2.75 billion but the strongest 5-year growth is for software at 7.0%. Darrell Todd, CEO of thinking australia, says: “Continuing levels of government investment will create jobs and…

Mobile and 4G in Australia

22 May 2015 In: Technology, Entertainment, General

Mobile data consumption in Australia continues to climb rapidly as the development in 4G LTE infrastructure and coverage progresses. There is strong adoption of smartphones and tablets and a shift from SMS and MMS to platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, and others; Increased use of online content streaming services such as Youtube over the Internet is driving demand for higher value mobile data plans. Mobile subscriber growth in Australia is expected to remain optimistic, driven…

Internet speed of Aussie ISPs

15 May 2015 In: Technology, Entertainment, General

The success of streaming video services like Netflix is using up around 25% of Australian ISP’s bandwidth. The surprise figure has been revealed after Netflix announced its first Australian internet service provider speed index, showing which ISP delivers the best speed for streaming video. TPG came top of the rankings with an average speed of 3.36Mbps, closely followed by Optus at 3.27Mbps. Australia’s biggest telco and ISP Telstra ranks last with customers getting an average…

Netflix is top down under

14 May 2015 In: Technology, Entertainment, General

Netflix has become Australia’s most popular video streaming service just six weeks since its launch in the country. Netflix has grabbed 39% of the paid video subscription market down under, while its main Australian competitor, Foxtel, has a market share of 38%, Almost a quarter (24%) of Australian subscribers accessed Netflix in February 2015 but use has soared since the launch of the specialist Australian service in March. Foxtel has subsequently lost 10% of its…

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