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Mobile and 4G in Australia

22 May 2015 by News Desk

telecomMobile data consumption in Australia continues to climb rapidly as the development in 4G LTE infrastructure and coverage progresses. There is strong adoption of smartphones and tablets and a shift from SMS and MMS to platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, and others;

Increased use of online content streaming services such as Youtube over the Internet is driving demand for higher value mobile data plans.

Mobile subscriber growth in Australia is expected to remain optimistic, driven by the migration to 4G services and the move from fixed to mobile broadband as tablet adoption continues to rise.

Although the shift to 4G services and mobile connections offer mobile service providers higher revenue opportunity compared with 3G services and fixed-line connections, mobile service costs are expected to remain flat in the coming years as the latter matures to a saturation point and competition among mobile service providers in the 4G space heats up, says a report by IDC Australia.


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