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Workers needed in Australia

16 August 2015 by News Desk

tech_broadbandAround 4,500 new workers are being sought to help the rollout of the National Broadband Network in Australia.

Government officials say the workforce for the National Broadband Network must double in order to speed up the rollout and meet deadlines set for completion in 2020. Now moves are underway to attract skilled communications workers and to train workers new to the industry.

Malcolm Turnbull, Communications Minister, told reporters: “We’ve got 1,300 jobs in New South Wales, 900 jobs in Western Australia, 900 in Queensland, 800 in Victoria, 400 in South Australia, 200 in Tasmania.

“We’re activating 10,000 premises a week but we’ve got to more than double that in the years ahead. To do this and meet the government’s deadline we must double the workforce”.

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