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Retail Turnover Rises

21 August 2020 In: Economy, General

Australian retail turnover rose 3.3 per cent in July 2020 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Turnover rose 12.2 per cent when compared to July 2019. “Retail turnover rose in all states and territories except Victoria in July. The rise across the rest of the country was driven by continued strength in household goods retailing, and the recovery in cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services, and clothing, footwear and personal accessory retailing” said Ben…

Jobs in the Northern Territory

21 August 2020 In: Jobs, Darwin, Northern Territory, General

Jobs in the Northern Territory: Around 96,100 people in the Greater Darwin region were employed at some point during the year, who worked across 145,400 jobs. The number of employed people decreased by 0.1% over the past 12 months, but increased by 5.7% over the previous six years. The number of jobs reflected similar results (down 0.3% and up 3.0%, respectively) in the Greater Darwin region. Of the people employed, 78,200 people (81.4%) were single job…

Jobs in ACT

20 August 2020 In: Jobs, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Jobs in ACT: Around 249,200 people in the Australian Capital Territory were employed at some point during the year, which worked across 350,000 jobs. The number of employed people increased by 2.8% over the past 12 months, and increased by 4.9% over the previous six years. Of the people employed, 209,700 people (84.2%) were single job holders, while 39,500 people (15.8%) worked multiple jobs at the same time during 2016-17. This trend has been consistent over…

Australia Signs Vaccine Deal

19 August 2020 In: Health, General

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has signed of a letter of intent with UK-based drug company AstraZeneca to manufacture 25 million doses of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine. “The Oxford vaccine is one of the most advanced and promising in the world, and under this deal we have secured early access for every Australian,” the Prime Minister said. Should the COVID-19 vaccine prove successful, every person in Australia will get a free dose, the Prime Minister…

Australia Jobs: Multiple Employment

19 August 2020 In: Economy, General

Australia Jobs: The Health Care and Social Assistance industries employ the most workers who maintain multiple jobs. Almost four out of every five of these multi-job workers were female. The second concurrent job is the highest income job held at the same time as the first concurrent job. The largest share of these was in the Administrative and support services (14.2%), with these being shared by male and female multiple job holders (55.6% males and…

People under 30 work multiple jobs

18 August 2020 In: Jobs, Economy, General

Australia Jobs: People under the age of 30 are the most likely to hold more than one job, according to new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Around one in every four employed people under 30 were multiple job holders in 2016-17, and this was highest around the age of 19. Overall, employed people worked a total number of 19.2 million jobs during 2016-17, an increase of 3.6 per cent over the previous 12…

International Students Return to Adelaide

17 August 2020 In: Study, Adelaide, Family, General

Study in Australia: Under a trial program, 300 students from China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore will fly into Adelaide in early September to take up university places. The Australian Government has made a number of changes to student visa arrangements to ensure Australia remains a priority destination for international students as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. International students are extremely important to Australia and our economy, contributing $40 billion annually and supporting 250,000…

Australia Jobs and Wages Increase

14 August 2020 In: Jobs, Economy, General

Australia jobs market saw a significant increase in July and weekly wages have also increased. Around 115,000 new jobs were added across Australia during July. The average weekly ordinary time earnings for full-time adults in Australia in May 2020 was $1,714, up 3.3 per cent from November 2019, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Bjorn Jarvis, head of Labour Statistics at the ABS, said: ”Lower paid jobs and industries were particularly impacted by COVID-19…

Australia Migrants Top COVID Fight

10 August 2020 In: Migration, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Health

Australia migrants have been twice as pro-active in responding to the coronavirus emergency than those born in Australia. That’s according to latest survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that showed people born overseas were twice as likely to wear a facemask (42%) than people who were born in Australia (20%). People born overseas were also more likely to purchase additional medical supplies than those born in Australia (24 per cent compared to 15 per…

Home Working: The Up and Downside

08 August 2020 In: Jobs, Family, General

Home Working has many benefits but also many downsides, a major new study has shown. The global shift to home working since the pandemic began has led to some upsides: More flexibility, no commute – more comfortable clothes. But working from home also comes with downsides – longer working days, more meetings and more email to answer. A new survey of 3.1 million workers shows that the average working day lengthened by 48.5 minutes in…

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