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Property news

Want to know the latest news about Australia? We’ve got it covered.

We guarantee the most up-to-date new stories about property in Australia, including investing, buying, renting and mortgages. They’re written by local and international reporters exclusively for you.

Emigrate to Australia: Melbourne house prices

05 December 2016 In: Property

Emigrate to Australia where a house within 10km of Melbourne city centre will cost you an average of $700,000. Further outside Melbourne city centre, only three suburbs within 20km of the CBD now have average house prices below $400,000. Melbourne’s average house price of $693,886 is $300,000 cheaper than Sydney where there are only two suburbs left within 20km of the central business district with average prices below $800,000. With an average price of $284,915,…

Moving to Australia: Adelaide house prices

01 December 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia: Adelaide house prices increased by 2.5 during November, more than double the growth seen in Sydney (1.2 per cent) and Melbourne (1.1 per cent). Adelaide also had the greatest weekly house price growth with an increase of almost one per cent. Home prices have increased by 5.7 per cent this calendar year and are up 3.6 per cent on the same time last year. The average price of a house is $430,000…

Moving to Australia: rental affordability

23 November 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia where the average renting household in Sydney spends almost 28% of its total income to pay the average rent of $480 per week. Most inner city areas remain expensive and regional NSW remains the least affordable regional area, according to the latest Rental Affordability Index. Greater Melbourne is Australia’s second most affordable metropolitan area with the average renting household spending around 24% of total income on rent. Camberwell East and Canterbury, Brighton…

Moving to Australia: property price round-up

15 November 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia may be getting more expensive but it will not prevent migrants from wanting to live the dream Down Under, says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “Property prices may be rising across Australian cities but the many job opportunities and fantastic lifestyle on offer more than make up for any increase in housing costs”. Booming economies in state capitals, especially in New South Wales and Victoria, added to low interest rates and a…

Emigrate to Australia: rental costs in Canberra

06 November 2016 In: Property

Emigrate to Australia where Canberra, the capital of Australia, has seen the cost of renting a house rise by 12.3 per cent over the past year while the cost of renting an apartment has increased by 9.3 per cent. This compares to rental costs in other cities across Australia, where home rental inflation is currently at a 20 year low. Rising cost of renting in Canberra is due to a slowdown in house and apartment…

Moving to Australia: rental costs

06 November 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia you will find Melbourne is one of the cheapest cities to rent a house or apartment. But it costs more to rent an individual room. Sydney has the highest rental prices per room at almost $250 a week, followed by Canberra, Darwin and Melbourne.   Around 7 million people in Australia rent their homes and families are the most common kind of renters, accounting for 40 per cent of tenants When renting…

Moving to Australia: rental costs falling

23 October 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia where the cost of renting a home in Sydney or Melbourne has risen faster than in other capital cities but now rental cost growth is slowing even in Sydney. Rental growth continues to slow across Australia’s capitals, accentuated by continued declines in the more mining-orientated cities of Perth and Darwin. Rental growth though is also continuing to slow in other capital cities, with deceleration the greatest in areas where new dwelling supply…

Emigrate to Australia: commercial property boom

19 October 2016 In: Property

Emigrate to Australia where the average investment in commercial property is $47 million. In the past three months there has been $9 billion worth of commercial property investment across Australia. Around 30 per cent of the growth came from deals above $200 million. Most of the big-ticket deals were transacted in Sydney and Melbourne. Available stock in the office sector remains tight resulting in below average investment volumes. In light of weaker investment in the…

Moving to Australia: affordable housing

19 October 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia to cities like Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide will get cheaper as house and apartment prices fall. Brisbane is set to see highest house price growth of the three largest capital cities over next three years, while Brisbane unit are forecast to fall by 8.2 per cent in the same period. Sydney house prices will remain flat in coming years while unit prices are forecast to fall 6.8 per cent. Melbourne house and…

Moving to Australia: Home Renovation

14 October 2016 In: Property

Moving to Australia: “With new home building set to fall back over the coming years, there will be increased reliance on home renovations activity as a source of demand within the industry,” said Shane Garrett, Senior Economist at The Housing Industry Association. “Home renovations’ demand has a lot going for it at the moment: low interest rates, a strong pace of dwelling price growth in key areas and healthy labour market conditions in the larger…

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