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Emigrate to Australia: Melbourne house prices

05 December 2016 by News Desk

Emigrate to Australia where the average cost of buying a house in Melbourne is $693,886.

dt_melbourne5Emigrate to Australia where a house within 10km of Melbourne city centre will cost you an average of $700,000.

Further outside Melbourne city centre, only three suburbs within 20km of the CBD now have average house prices below $400,000.

Melbourne’s average house price of $693,886 is $300,000 cheaper than Sydney where there are only two suburbs left within 20km of the central business district with average prices below $800,000.

With an average price of $284,915, the suburb of Melton, 34km west of the city centre, is the cheapest place to buy a house in Melbourne.

If you’re planning to emigrate to Australia to live in Melbourne, the Hume district – Coolaroo (average price $338,598), Dallas ($346,688), Meadow Heights ($379,207) and Broadmeadows ($404,546) – offers the best value houses 20km from the city centre.

Emigrate to Australia: Melbourne house prices

If you’re planning to emigrate to Australia to live in Melbourne, the Maribyrnong area offers four of the five most affordable suburbs within 10km — Braybrook ($613,399), Maidstone ($697,649), West Footscray ($763,177) and Footscray ($774,319).

Albion, 13km west, is the cheapest suburb in which to buy a unit in Melbourne with an average price of $230,454.

Within 10km of the city centre, units in Kingsville are the cheapest at $363,296 followed by West Footscray ($372,646), Carlton ($381,544) and Travancore ($389,321).

Property Prices in Melbourne

Houses within 10km of the CBD:
Braybrook: median value $613,399
Maidstone: $697,649
Melbourne: $708,134
West Footscray: $763,177
Footscray: $774,319
Preston: $836,046

Houses within 20km of the CBD:
Coolaroo: median value $338,598
Dallas: $346,688
Meadow Heights: $379,207
Broadmeadows: $404,546
Laverton: $407,553
Albanvale: $412,094

Units within 10km of the CBD:
Kingsville: median value $363,296
West Footscray: $372,646
Carlton: $381,544
Travancore: $389,321
Footscray: $397,661

Units within 20km of the CBD:
Albion: $230,454
Meadow Heights: $296,404
Sunshine: $304,854
Broadmeadows: $313,156
St Albans: $327,917

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