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Family news

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Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

02 April 2020 In: Migration, Health, Family, General

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial will begin soon in Australia to test a preventative vaccine for COVID-19 healthcare workers. Melbourne University will begin an Australian trial to test whether an existing vaccine can help prevent healthcare workers becoming sick with COVID-19. Professor Kathryn North, Director of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Melbourne Children’s Campus, says that 4000 healthcare workers from around Australia will be recruited to take part in the multi-centre randomised controlled clinical trial…

Home Working Top Tips

02 April 2020 In: Jobs, Migration, Family, General

Home working top tips to help your day: Coronavirus is changing the way we work. Home working will be the norm for the foreseeable future due to the increased risks associated with coronavirus. What’s going on around the world is unprecedented. In such a short amount of time, many people have had to change the way they work. Here’s a few ideas for those of you who are having to work from home. Stay at…

Divorce drops during lockdown

30 March 2020 In: Family, General

Divorce numbers have fallen. A surprising effect of the Government social distancing lockdown, is the crash in new divorce cases according to a leading online divorce service. There has been 30% drop in new cases since Boris Johnson announced the first measures on Thursday 19th March. Calls, livechat and email enquiries have dropped by a similar amount. The data is backed up by Google Trends which measures search queries on the search engine over time…

Coronovirus changes behaviour

29 March 2020 In: Family, General

Coronovirus has changed people’s behaviour. 76% of people have altered their behaviour in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Nearly half (48%) have changed their personal hygiene habits and just under half (46%) have stopped shaking hands with people. Naturally people are more likely to have done the easy things though – compare these numbers to 17% who have stopped using transport and 14% who have worked from home more often. • (Claimed) stockpiling is apparently…

Coronavirus: How to Stay Calm

28 March 2020 In: Family, General

Coronavirus can lead to anxiety. Here’s how to stay calm about Coronavirus in order to improve health and well-being. Health is the most important thing in anyone’s life, so with an ever-changing situation with the Coronavirus it is easy to worry about the unknown. Once you begin over-thinking a problem you begin to actually hypnotize yourself negatively, then it becomes self-perpetuating which exasperates your anxiety. So to help put your mind at ease here is…

Top Tips for Working from Home

27 March 2020 In: Family, General

Working from home can impact communication and leave employees feeling disconnected and unsure about their role but there are a number of ways to overcome these difficulties, find researchers from BI Norwegian Business School. Professor Sut I Wong and Associate Professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm, from the Department of Communication and Culture have outlined five simple tips for better communication when working remotely during this global pandemic: 1. Establish a good routine on how to share information…

Australia property price slowdown

02 February 2016 In: Property, Finance, Family, General

The cost of buying a property in Australia continues to rise, but at a slower pace and prices have fallen in many cities. Across Australia’s main capital cities property prices were 0.9% higher in January, due mainly to price rises in Sydney and Melbourne. In the past month property values in Melbourne have risen by 2.5% while prices in Sydney increased by just 0.5%, compared to 18.4% in July last year. Melbourne is now the…

Rental Costs in Brisbane

31 January 2016 In: Migration, Property, Finance, Family, General

The cost of renting an average house or unit in Brisbane, Australia, currently varies between $850 and $355 per week. The most expensive suburb to rent a house is in Brisbane’s western suburb of Pullenvale while one of the cheapest places to rent a unit is North Lakes. In Pullenvale it costs an average of $850 per week to rent a house – up to $100 more than any other Brisbane suburb. Second-most-expensive for house…

Australia coast is top destination

31 January 2016 In: Travel, Study, Migration, Family, General

70% of visitors to Australia enjoy an aquatic and coastal experience during their stay in the country. One of the most popular destinations – and top natural world experiences – is the 12 Apostles (pictured) along the Great Ocean Road. Photographer Neal Pritchard says: “The scenery is stunning, the light and atmosphere will take your breath away. If you see nothing else in Australia during your visit, see the 12 Apostles.” Darrell Todd, CEO of…

World Records from Australia

27 January 2016 In: Family, Entertainment, General

There is more to Australia than jobs, good weather and sunny beaches – it’s also a country of record-breakers. To celebrate this weeks’ Australia Day here’s a few world records won Down Under in 2015, according to Guinness World Records. Largest surfing lesson (single venue) – In December, retailer RedBalloon staged the world’s largest surfing lesson, with participants dressed up as Santa Claus. 320 surfers took part in the 30 minute lesson on Bondi Beach…

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