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Victoria spends $100m on promo

12 August 2015 by News Desk

Victoria_logoThe government of Victoria is to spend $100m on marketing to attract migrants, tourists and investment into the state.

Officials have this week unveiled a new re-branded state logo and promotion campaign that will cost up to $20 million, part of a long term marketing effort that will take the total cost to $100 million.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, says the new logo – called Brand Victoria – will replace ‘confusing’ branding that has been used to represent the state in the past.

“It’s going to be the most aggressive and most expensive campaign that Victoria has ever run to attract investment, to attract visitors, and to make sure that we are number one in Australia,” Andrews told reporters. “Some might say it’s a lot of money, but ultimately there are 200,000 jobs in our state that depend on us remaining number one.”

The new logo has received a mixed reception in the state and fuelled a stream of comments on social media, many in typically forthright and hilarious Aussie style.

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