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Student housing in Perth

06 February 2016 by News Desk

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALandlords and authorities in Perth, Australia are rushing to provide housing for students attending university in the city.

A recent shortage of dedicated student accommodation in Perth, and in many Western Australia university cities, has forced students to look at suburbs further afield and private landlords to turn to students to fill empty houses and apartments.

Landlords, facing the highest rental vacancy rate in over two decades, are turning to university students to fill their properties.

And in a bid to provide dedicated accommodation, new investor-financed housing is being built designed especially for students.

The suburb of Como, close to the universities of U.W.A., Murdoch and Curtin, is one of the most popular areas for many students to live and it has seen a rise in construction of dedicated student accommodation.

Meanwhile, the recent shortage of student housing is being filled by private landlords offering shared houses and apartments.

Students should expect to pay more for furnished properties and, unless money’s no object, to have to share accommodation with others.

Current rents range from $1,400 per week for a six-bed, four-bathroom house in the suburb of Bentley to $600 per week for a 4-bedroom shared house in Como.

Most-affordable option is dormitory-style accommodation, at around $150 per week, but you’ll have to share with someone else.

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