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Perth actress returns to WA

27 August 2015 by News Desk

ent_JessicaDeGouwHollywood actress Jessica De Gouw has returned to her roots in Perth to make a new sci-fi movie.

De Gouw, who stars in hit TV series Underground and also features in NBC TV’s Dracula alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers, was raised in Perth but moved to Los Angeles some years ago to pursue her movie career.

Jessica, 27, is now back in Western Australia to start work on a new sci-fi thriller called OtherLife, alongside Australian actors Thomas Cocquerel and T.J. Power (pictured).

Directed by Ben Lucas, the movie features follows software engineer Ren Amari (De Gouw), who creates a substance that allows users to experience new memories. Filming will take five weeks at locations in and around Perth.

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