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New jobs in Adelaide port plan

18 July 2015 by News Desk

job_vacancy_01Thousands of new jobs will be created in Adelaide, Australia as a result of a planned massive re-development of the city’s historic harbour.

The Port Adelaide town centre and waterfront, 14km northwest of the CBD, is being targeted for major re-development in a 20 year plan to transform the former shipping and industrial harbour area into a new urban and commercial centre.

The proposed Port Adelaide Precinct Plan is set to generate at least 1500 new construction jobs on the back of $2 billion in private investment. The development will provide new main streets and pedestrian-friendly spaces, with a doubling of public open space, and up to 4000 new homes. The population of the new harbour area is forecast increase by around 8000 people.

Re-development of Port Adelaide has been on the cards since international shipping operators decided that Australian container shipping should be routed through three main container ports, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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