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Migration to Australia ‘active’

13 April 2020 by News Desk

Migration to Australia is still a possibility for many people, despite the current coronavirus emergency.

Key entry criteria will change but if you are serious about a new life down under you can still ‘live the dream’ – but professional help is now essential.

“Ten years ago it was fairly simple to apply for Migration to Australia. But that’s no longer the case, it is far from easy and more of a process now than most people would think,” says Darrell Todd of thinkingAustralia.com

“It’s not simply a matter of getting the right number of Points. The pass mark is now 60 – 65 points, but most people will need between 75 and 90 points.

“Age is a key factor also. The upper limit is now 45 years but to apply you will need to be less than 43 years old – even younger for those seeking to enter on a Job Visa.

Migration to Australia

“There is a lot of forward planning needed if you are to be successful in your job or migration visa,” says Darrell. “We see too many people self assessing and failing because they are not fully aware of their Visa status options.

“At thinkingAustralia we pre plan and ‘talk ‘ to the prospective Migrant to ensure everything is in place to make their application successful. If you are serious about Migration to Australia we urge you to be pre-assessed, not only for the entry Visa but for your long term ambitions.

Are you thinking about living and working in Australia? Contact us today – send us your CV, fill out our ‘helpline’ form and we will provide an express eligibility assessment free of charge.


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