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Migration to Australia after Brexit

25 June 2016 by News Desk

Inbound inquiries to thinkingaustralia have rocketed following Brexit as shocked Brits seek info about migration to Australia.

Migration to AustraliaMany other nationalities in UK now also seek migration to Australia fearing the uncertainty that Britain’s exit from the EU has caused.

For many, Britain has long been a migration choice. Now that has changed and increasing numbers are now looking at Australia as their preferred destination.

“The UK EU referendum has split opinion across Britain and many who voted to remain in Europe are so shocked by the result they now want to leave the UK,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia.

And many who voted to leave could soon be disappointed as the reality of European politics starts to sink in.

“The leave vote was driven by fears over uncontrolled immigration,” says Julie Samms (29) of Manchester. “But it looks increasingly likely that border controls will stay the same if Britain wants free trade with Europe. This is not what the leave campaign promised and it’s not what people voted for.

“A lot of people are going to be very disappointed in a few years time.”

Malcolm Jones, an IT programmer from London, says: “People voted to leave because they wanted change. But if the vote was taken again there’d be a different result. Many people now wish they hadn’t voted for Leave because now, in the cold light of day, they’re seeing the implications.”

Migration to Australia and Brexit vote

Politicians in UK and Australia will now seek a new series of agreements between the two countries covering trade and visa rights.

Australia may currently be more closely linked to China, Korea, Japan and the US but the new independent UK will be welcomed with open arms by trade officials Down Under.

“New treaties and trade agreements will take time to agree and implement but nothing will change for the next few years,” says Darrell Todd.

“If you are thinking about living and working in Australia, or if you are currently involved in the visa or migration process, contact us today for expert information and help on the ongoing situation.”

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