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Jobs in South Australia

11 November 2015 by News Desk

job_vacancy_01The government of South Australia has a wide range of job vacancies available and is seeking skilled and professional workers to fill the roles.

Rich in diversity, with a wide range of roles, responsibilities and clients, the South Australian public sector is looking for the best and the brightest employees.

Here are some of the current public sector jobs on offer at the government of South Australia:

Legal Advisor $69,036.00
Community Support Officer (Disability) $69,036.00
Technical Analyst $90,481.00
Regional Manager $102,153.00
Senior Research Officer $84,507.00
Project Officer $61,822.00
Executive Leader, Professional Practice $139,735.00
Executive Leader, Secondary Learners $139,735.00
Executive Leader, Primary Learners $139,735.00
Executive Leader, Early Years Learners $139,735.00
Executive Leader, Strategic Design $139,735.00
Family Health and Development Officer $71,864.00
Cultural Ranger $53,661.00

For more job details, go to:

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