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Jobs in Australia: police record check

06 September 2015 by News Desk

job_vacancy_01Some employers in Australia require staff to undergo a police record check, especially for jobs that involve working with children or the vulnerable in society.

A police record check provides a summary of offender history in Australia. It is usually requested by organisations as part of their recruitment process for staff and volunteers.

Police checks for volunteers who work with vulnerable groups such as children, the aged or people with a disability are provided free of charge by Australian Police to organisations that have a Volunteer Organisation Authorisation Number. Police record checks are also called national police certificates.

Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) screening for working with children – The DCSI Screening Unit produces a risk assessment against the inherent duties of the role, which is used by organisations to determine the suitability of individuals for employment or volunteer work within their organisation. If you are unsure whether you require a DCSI screening clearance, please or consult your employer about which criminal history check they require.

How to apply for a police check

Step 1: Complete an application form
Option 1: Complete a police check application form online then print it out. Download the application form – electronic, or
NOTE: If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you may need to configure your browser to open this online form using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

Option 2: Download this application form and fill out by hand, or
Option 3: Get a form from your local police station and complete it by hand.

Step 2: Check your proof of identity
Check that you have 100 points of original identification. A list of what we accept is provided on the application form.

Step 3: Find out what fees you need to pay (look under Certificates)

Step 4: Get your application processed – Take your application to your local police station or a Justice of the Peace (JP).

Take your completed application form; 100 points of original identification; photocopies of 100 points of identification, for certification.
Ask a police officer or JP to:
witness your signature on your application form
certify your 100 points of identification
complete the authorisation section on your application form.

Step 5: Pay the application fee – Pay the application fee at the police station or by cheque or money order if you go to a JP.

Your application will be processed within 10 working days from when it is received by the Police Records Release Unit.

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