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Jobs boost in Melbourne

02 October 2015 by News Desk

jobs_sign01The number of jobs created in and around Melbourne in Australia will continue to rise as the city grows and new developments are approved.

Construction, admin, management and service industry jobs are being created as a result of major new commercial and residential developments in Melbourne’s inner city district.

And regional suburbs are also growing fast with major housing and infrastructure projects ongoing.

Darrell Todd of thinkingaustralia says: “Melbourne is a fast-growing city and there are jobs waiting right now. If you are a skilled tradesperson or qualified professional, we thinkingaustralia can help you live and work down under. “

Regional centres like Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong are building large numbers of new dwellings, around 30% of the total planned new housing in Victoria, which will have a positive effect on regional jobs in construction, retail and transport.

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