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Australia Lockdown Relaxed

22 May 2020 by News Desk

Australia Lockdown: From June 1, pubs, cafes and restaurants in New South Wales can host up to 50 patrons. Lifting of restrictions on beauty salons, gyms and yoga studios are expect to follow soon.

While lockdown measures are slowly being eased across the country more than 70% of Aussies polled in a survey said they were concerned about the virus and lifting of restrictions.

Australia Lockdown

One of the world’s largest ratings agencies has forecast that Australia’s GDP will contract by 5% this year before rebounding by 4.8 per cent in 2021.

But cost of the pandemic and Australia Lockdown will have a negative impact on the nation’s finances for some years into the future.

Local governments around Australia are to receive a $1.8bn boost for projects including new roads and town hall refurbishments. The cash is aimed at lifting lockdown measures and boosting local jobs via a community-led recovery.

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