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Australia jobless falls to 6.2%

15 September 2015 by News Desk

job_vacancy_01The number of people out of work in Australia fell to 6.2% in August.

The number of people employed across the country increased by 17,400 to 11,775,800 in August driven by increases in male full-time employment, and female full-time and part-time employment, with the largest increase seen in full-time employment for males (up 10,100).

The number of people unemployed in Australia decreased by 14,400 to 781,100, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The number of hours worked during the month was 1,623.8 million hours.

The seasonally adjusted labour force participation rate decreased 0.1% to 65% in the August.

The underemployment rate remained steady at 8.4% in August. Combined with the unemployment rate, the latest seasonally adjusted estimate of total labour force underutilisation was unchanged at 14.3%.

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