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Australia creates 1,100 New Jobs Every Day

01 June 2010 by News Desk

Jobs02Australia is creating 1,100 new jobs every day according to latest official figures.

Since December 2009, Australia has created an extra 110,000 new jobs with latest figures from the ABS showing employment rising at an annual rate of 3%. Over 37,500 new fulltime jobs were created in April following a rise of 37,400 in March. New jobs have been created in administrative services, warehousing and accommodation, with the largest growth in health and the aged care industry.

More than 20,000 new jobs were created in Victoria and 30,000 in NSW. Victoria’s jobless rate remains the country’s lowest after Western Australia at 5.3%. There are currently over 11 million Australians in work, six million men and five million women.

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