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2,500 shipyard jobs in Adelaide

05 August 2015 by News Desk

jobs_shipbuildingGovernment plans to build a new fleet of warships in Australia will create and secure thousands of jobs in Adelaide.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says that up to 2,500 shipbuilding jobs in the city will be safe for “all time” as a result of a $39 billion plan to build a new fleet of warships for the Australian navy.

Construction of new Corvette offshore vessels will start in 2018 and building of eight new Frigates is due to begin in 2020. Further new jobs will be created with the building of a $50bn fleet of 12 new submarines.

The Prime Minister says the tender process for both projects will begin in October and that successful bidders will be required to conduct the “major build in South Australia”.

“It’s a terrific announcement for Adelaide,” Abbot told reporters. “Two thousand five hundred shipbuilding jobs, safe for Adelaide, for all time.”

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