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Travel to Australia: Trump boosts Aussie tourism

14 November 2016 by News Desk

Travel to Australia has received a major boost during Donald Trump’s election campaign and interest has soared since his presidential victory.

Travel to AustraliaThe number of US citizens who carried out plans to travel to Australia increased by almost 18 per cent in the year to September 2016.

Around 690,400 Americans arrived in Australia during the year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

And the rise in travellers has been a two-way journey, with record numbers of Aussies travelling to the USA.

September was the biggest month on record for Australians travelling to the US. Latest official data reveals that 117,000 Aussies travelled to America, aided by all-time low air fares.

The number of Aussie travellers to the US increased by 5.5 per cent compared to the same time in 2015 and the election of Donald Trump is not expected to slow the rise.

Travel to Australia: Trump boosts Aussie tourism

“Donald Trump is a businessman and he wants to see increased trade and business between Australia and the US,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia.

“Trump has spent much of his career in the hotel and leisure industry so he’ll be keen to promote travel and tourism between our two countries”.

Travel and tourism aside, Donald Trump remains a divisive figure in Australia.

A nationwide poll conducted before the US election revealed that Australians preferred Hillary Clinton to Trump by seven to one. Around 50 per cent of Aussies said they wanted Australia to distance itself from America if Donald Trump became President.

“Donald Trump has been elected President of the USA and, as such, Australian officials will work closely to ensure good relations are maintained and grow during his term in office.”

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