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Tasmania tops tourism growth

25 September 2015 by News Desk

honeymoonbayTasmania has seen a 21% increase in tourist numbers and a 41% rise in the amount people spend while visiting the state.

Latest official figures for the past 12 months show Tasmania tops the tourist league in Australia with a 21.84% rise in visitor numbers and Northern Territory close behind with a 17.54% increase in overnight visitor stays.

The rise in tourism is the result of states increasing their tourism Budgets. Northern Territory has boosted its’ tourism budget by 13% for 2015-16, compared with a decrease in WA of 1%.

Across the country, there has been an 11.48% increase in visitor spending over the past 12 months. But while Tasmania and Northern Territory are attracting more tourists, Western Australia is falling behind.

Western Australia attracted 4.43% more international visitors over the past year, with a rise of just 1.22% in the money they spent while in the state.

Evan Hall, CEO of Tourism Council Western Australia, said: “With the exception of South Australia, Western Australia is the worst performing State when it comes to international tourism.

“Every other State in the country is diversifying its economy and investing heavily in tourism as the economy moves from being focused on resources to services. States like Queensland and New South Wales are pumping huge amounts into their tourism Budgets, which will result in more tourism dollars and jobs for their State. Western Australia must not be left behind”.

Growth in international visitor spending

Tasmania              (41.53%)
Northern Territory (21.35%)
Victoria                 (13.52%)
Queensland          (11.08%)
New South Wales   (8.77%)
Western Australia   (7.01%)
South Australia     (-6.27%)

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