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Study in Australia: Engineering Masters Degree

12 September 2016 by News Desk

Study in Australia at the University of Sydney, recognised as one of the top one percent of universities worldwide.

Study in Australia for a Master of Complex Systems (Engineering) degree, and become a Systems Engineer/Architect, Vulnerability Analyst, or Research and Development Manager.

University of Sydney Engineering Masters Degree: Modern day civil infrastructure is growing more interconnected – our roads are reliant on our power systems which are dependent on data networks. Extreme weather events demonstrate the vulnerability of transport systems to cascading failure, which often originate in a supporting network like electricity supply or communication. When and how do failures cascade? When, how and where is it best to intervene to retain and restore power grid and/or transport system functionality?

Graduate Opportunities: Master of Complex Systems (Engineering) graduates will become Systems Engineers/Architects, Vulnerability Analysts, or Research and Development Managers, who analyse the dynamics of failure in a diverse range of industries, under different demand and stress levels, component failure and human error scenarios, and develop prevention and intervention strategies.

Other career options lie in integrated logistics support; business process re-engineering analysis; hardware–software integration; management of “crowd dynamics” (safe and efficient movement of people in built and complex environments); as well as in designing various social dynamics, crowdsourcing activities and collaborative innovation networks (COINs).

Study in Australia: Master of Complex Systems – Engineering

This degree will provide you with the expertise to model, analyse and design resilient technological, socio-economic and socio-ecological systems as well as develop strategies for crisis forecasting and management.

Smart cities, megaprojects, power and data grids, ecosystems, communication and transport networks are all complex systems. They generate rich interactions among components with interdependencies across systems. This interdependent behaviour creates challenges for designing and managing complex systems.

Complex systems are composed of large numbers of diverse interacting parts, making them susceptible to unexpected, large-scale, and apparently uncontrollable behaviours.

Small changes can generate large, amplified effects. For example, a single malfunction in a local substation can lead to cascading state-wide electricity grid failures, or the emergence of a new pathogen in a remote village can give rise to a devastating global epidemic.

The Master of Complex Systems will provide you with the expertise to model, analyse and design resilient technological, socio-economic and socio-ecological systems as well as develop strategies for crisis forecasting and management.

It will develop your skills in quantitative modelling and computational simulation of system dynamics, complementing your existing skills in engineering, computer science, information technology, physics, mathematics, health, biology or business.

As an expert in complex systems, you could pursue a career in major multinational research and development companies, government and crisis management agencies, health, construction or transport organisations.
These unique skills will enable you to operate across discipline boundaries, providing key input and insights to help solve complex global challenges.

You have the flexibility to tailor your learning to your professional interests with the choice of four specialisations:

Engineering * Bio-security * Ecology * Transport

International students – How to apply: Applications are made directly to the University via the University’s online application portal.

For more info go to University of Sydney: How To Apply

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