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Private hospitals in Australia

06 June 2015 by News Desk

health_doctor2There are 612 private hospitals operating in Australia, an increase of 11 from last year. There are four additional Acute and psychiatric hospitals and seven additional Free-standing day hospitals.

There are 30,920 beds and chairs available in private hospitals. Acute and psychiatric hospitals account for 27,943 or 90.4% of all beds and chairs, with the remaining 2,977 located in Free-standing day hospital facilities, according to ;latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Private hospitals provided almost 10 million patients days of care in 2013-14. Acute and psychiatric hospitals provided 8.8 million, or 88.7% of all patient days. Within acute and psychiatric hospitals, overnight-stay patients accounted for 6.9 million patient days and same day patients accounted for a further 1.9 million. Free-standing day hospitals only deal with same-day patients, accounting for 1.1 million patient days overall.

There are 62,413 full-time staff working in private hospitals with 58,170 (93.2%) working in Acute and psychiatric hospitals and 6.8% working in Free-standing day hospitals.

Location of Private Hospitals

New South Wales                      193
Victoria                                      165
Queensland                              108
South Australia                           55
Western Australia                       62
Tasmania, Northern Territory
and Australian Capital Territory 29
Total                                        612

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