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Non-stop UK flights to Australia

11 October 2015 by News Desk

travel_quantas_01Qantas is planning to launch non-stop flights from UK to Australia within the next two years.

The airline says it aims to use the latest Boeing 787-9 ‘Dash-9’ plane to fly between London and Perth – a journey of over 9,000 miles that crosses eight different time zones – and it will be the longest commercial flight in the world.

Qantas, who already hold the record for the world’s longest flight with its daily Dallas-Fort Worth to Sydney service, currently flies each day from Heathrow to Melbourne and Sydney with a stop-over in Dubai.

The planned new UK-Perth nonstop route will take 18 hours, enough time to watch eight full-length feature films. The flight would take off from UK Heathrow at 3pm and arrive in Perth late afternoon the next day.

Four pilots would be needed for the flight, along with extra cabin crew. The new 787 plane will be fitted with a crew rest area above the passenger cabin.

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