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Migration to Australia

07 April 2020 by News Desk

Migration to Australia and Work in Australia is still a possibility despite the current coronavirus situation.

Migration to Australia will continue throughout the current emergency, though some official criteria may change.

If you are serious about Australia NOW is the time to pre-assess your eligibility and gather the paperwork and other materials needed for the Migration and/or work visa process.

Opportunities in Australia are endless, the country will bounce right back after the coronavirus and it will need Skilled and Professional workers in the thousands.

Migration to Australia

Points are set high for migration intake so 60 – 65 points will not be enough. The Australian government is currently seeking 75 – 90 points, so it not all as straightforward as some people may tell you.

Consider the JOB entry Visa, this is now the biggest entry Visa, but do consult your Agent as you need to be very clear that, once you arrive in Australia, your Visa will take you through to the Permanent Visa Option. Too many people fail this simple step in the Migration process.

Contact us today – send us your CV, fill out our ‘helpline’ form and we will provide an express assessment free of charge. https://www.thinkingaustralia.com/migration/eligibility-enquiry/

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