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Henry Rollins rocks Adelaide

12 August 2016 by News Desk

Henry Rollins is due to perform at The Barton Theatre on Thursday September 22.

Henry RollinsHenry Rollins – the singer, actor and author – got his first break as a singer when he gate crashed a sold out gig and took over the microphone.

Henry was asked to join punk band Black Flag after forcing his way on stage at a concert they were playing in New York.

He recalls: “I grabbed the microphone from the singer and just joined in. The band didn’t mind. Three days later they called me at home and asked if I wanted to join the line-up full-time.”

Henry has since fea¬tured on more than 45 albums and has travelled four times around the globe on sold-out tours.

He has also forged a career on the big screen having appeared in top movies alongside Al Pacino and Robert de Niro.

His Rollins Band performs at packed venues and as a solo performer Henry earns rave reviews for his poetry recitals. Says Henry: “There’s no reason why poetry and punk can’t mix”.

Henry Rollins rocks Adelaide

Henry has earned much-deserved respect for his down-to-earth attitude and approach to his Art, but it has come at a price.

“I have loaded and unloaded stage gear at too many gigs to believe I’m any kind of a ‘star’”, he says. “I’ve spent too many nights sleeping on floors and stealing food to eat to think I’m somehow above everyone else”.

And while the years of hard work are now starting to pay off Henry has never been motivated by money.

“I have never been tempted to say ‘yes’ to something just for the sake of a pile of money – even when I had none! Three years ago I couldn’t even afford a telephone and right now I don’t own a car. But that doesn’t bother me, as long as I am able to carry on with my music.

“I’m not driven by the desire to be famous or to make millions of dollars. I simply do my ‘thing’ and hope that other people like it – and so far, they do”.

Rollins has scored a string of chart-topping Indie al¬bums and he’s also a highly respected author. The Los Angeles-based star has published 28 books in recent years.

Capacity crowds flock to his one-man shows. Featuring modem poetry and biting humour, Henry’s performances are a blend of Robin Williams, Bill Cosby and Dave Allen.

Henry Rollins will appear in Adelaide next month as part of his ‘An Evening With Henry Rollins’ national tour.

Henry is due to perform at the The Barton Theatre on Thursday September 22.

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