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Adelaide green energy record

12 August 2016 by News Desk

Adelaide green energy usage is set to increase thanks to a major roll-out of technology across the city.

Adelaide green energy Adelaide green energy – new hi-tech solar batteries will be installed on 1,000 homes and businesses that will store excess electricity and reduce demand on the state electricity grid.

The new $20 million project will allow residents to sell excess power to the state grid during peak times.

The project was launched this week by the South Australian government, private company AGL and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

The battery storage solution will be an addition to other green energy sources such as solar and wind power, whose energy generation can be intermittent.

Battery storage capacity is forecast to rise 50-fold in under a decade as technology improves and costs fall.

Adelaide green energy record

Adelaide is running to catch up on national targets for green energy generation. Hostage to rising costs of oil and gas for old-fashioned power stations, the state has seen a big rise in electricity prices. Last month prices reached almost $14,000 per megawatt hour.

“Australia is on the cusp of a battery storage revolution as technology costs continue to fall,” said Ivor Frischknecht, head of Australia’s renewable energy agency.

AGL will install 1,000 centrally-controlled batteries across Adelaide. The company says the Adelaide green energy project will aid grid stability and reduce volatility of power prices.

Batteries will be installed alongside solar photovoltaic panels with all 1,000 systems linked and centrally managed and monitored.

The result is like adding a 5MW power station that can quickly deliver enough energy to power 1000 South Australian homes where and when it’s needed most.

Darwin international Airport, meanwhile, is to save $1.5 million a year by using solar energy.

The airport is now using power from a 4MW solar PV solar array. 15,000 solar panels will cover six hectares and produce electricity equivalent to the consumption of 1,000 households.

It will meet up to 100% of the airport’s peak energy demand in the middle of the day and to generate 25% of the airport’s overall energy needs. It will also reduce the airport’s power bills by $1.5 million per year based on current peak tariff rates.

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