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Future jobs in Australia

08 September 2015 by News Desk

jobs_tools2Changing economic demands are set to change the kind of jobs people do in Australia in coming years.

Like all major global economies, Australia is moving fast into the digital age and the Aussie workplace will continue to change and adapt to new developments in technology as it moves away from traditional industries.

But as old jobs make way for the new, there is no need to fear such change, according to a new report by NBN and KPMG Demographics, which predicts that five new types of jobs will replace and augment the current employment environment.

And in future it won’t be simply a matter of everyone making and polishing robots. There will be significant growth and change in existing jobs such as tech, care, professions, trade and creativity.

The report highlights job trends over the past 15 years that have seen ten new jobs being created for every one ‘old’ job lost. And this trend is set to continue as, in addition to existing traditional jobs growth fuelled by a growing population, three million ‘new’ jobs will be created by 2030.

Examples of future ‘new’ job categories forecast by the report include:

Care Givers – Jobs Include: Fitness Instructors, Social Workers, Aged-Care Workers, Child-Care Workers and Youth Workers

Technocrats – Jobs Include: Electrical Engineers, Engineering Managers, and Scientists.

Specialist Professionals – Jobs Include: Primary and Secondary School Teaching, Finance, General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceuticals, Vocational Trade Teachers.

Doers – Jobs Include: Plasterers, Carpenters, Electricians, Personal Assistant, Sales Representative, Builder, Check-Out Operators.

Creatives – Jobs Include: Photographers, Dance Instructors, Life Coaches, Stylists, Social Media Engineers, Sportspeople, and Yoga Instructors.

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