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Emigration to Australia

17 May 2016 by News Desk

Emigration to Australia is not as easy as it used to be but fear not – it is in no way impossible.

Emigration to Australia

If you’re thinking about emigration to Australia there are two routes to residency down under – one is via the migration pathway and the other is via your skills.

“Emigration to Australia remains the dream of many people,” says Darrell Todd, founder of thinkingaustralia. “Despite recent changes it is still possible to achieve your dream.”

The key to Australia now is jobs – and your skills.

If you are a professional or skilled trades person you must meet the skills requirements of the Australian government. The skills and qualifications you may have in your country of origin do not automatically transfer to Australia.

Says Darrell: “The first step is to get your skills formally assessed. Once your skills are assessed you have two options, the first being the migration pathway which can take two years or more.

“The second option is to match your skills to an employer and a job. With this option you could be living and working in Australia within three months.

Emigration to Australia

“You could be living the dream down under sooner than you think… if you follow the steps we suggest.

Step one – send us your CV. We can then pre-assess you to ensure you are eligible and meet government requirements.

Step two – We can then find the right route for you to take for work and / or emigration to Australia.

Step three – If you do not meet the official requirements we will tell you what you need to do – and what we can do to help you – to ensure that you are eligible.

“Every potential migrant is an individual with their own unique circumstances and requirements,” says Darrell Todd.

“We offer a bespoke one-to-one service tailored to your own needs and ambitions to ensure that you succeed in your dream of Australia.

“Contact us today to find out how you could be living the dream down under – sooner than you think.”

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