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Brisbane aims for 40% open space

23 September 2015 by News Desk

brisbane_openspaceThe amount of public open space in Brisbane, Australia, is set to rise to 40% over the next 15 years.

City officials aim to increase the amount of land set aside for non-building or commercial purposes in order to conserve and protect local wildlife and endangered species.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane, says that 40% of the city will be dedicated to green space by 2031. The Mayor told reporters: “Brisbane is Australia’s most sustainable city and also the most biologically diverse capital in the nation, supporting thousands of plant and animal species.

“Our goal is to have 40% of Brisbane in green space by 2031, and we are currently at around 35%. We’ve got 2,092 parks covering 6340 hectares and that continues to grow as we purchase land for parks in the suburbs as well as bushland”.

The city began its’ Bushland Acquisition Program in 1990 and since then bushland set aside for green space had helped the recovery of threatened species such as the koala, the collared delma, a rare legless lizard, and the Richmond birdwing vine, host plant for Richmond birdwing butterflies.

The city council has granted $14 million to the Bushland Acquisition Program in 2015-16 which will fund the purchase and protection of additional bushland areas.

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